St. Stephen’s 67th Mukarji Memorial Debate [Jan 8-11]; Register by Dec 20

Information by Malobika Sen of RMLNLU.

The St. Stephen’s College Debating Society is pleased to invite you the 67th edition of the Mukarji Memorial Debate, to be held in our college from the 8th to the 11th of January, 2015.

MukMem is as old as the country itself and has been synonymous with great debating throughout its 66 years.

While the tradition of quality debating remains uncompromised, innovation has not suffered. MukMem has become the country’s most prestigious 2 member Parliamentary Debate with its unique format, and we’re proud of the chance to solidify that position with this year’s edition.

MukMem is known for its fantastic motions, a consistent quality of adjudication and an impeccable standard of organization. For this edition, our 70 member strong Org Comm will leave no stone unturned and promises to make this MukMem an experience worth your time.

Tournament Policy

MukMem 67 will remain a closed tournament, with no institutional cross teams. Our criteria for breaking will continue to be, in order, win-loss, cumulative speaker scores and speaker score differential.

We require institutions to send an n+1 number of adjudicators as part of their respective contingents.

We have a team cap of 50, so we urge institutions to register at the earliest. The first round of team allocation will be released on the 21st of December.

Hospitality and Accommodation

Over the past two editions MukMem has provided some of the best accommodation and hospitality in the circuit, all with a minimal registration fee.

The MukMem Break Night dinner is a cherished tradition and we promise you fantastic food and great ambience this year as well, replete with our famous Old Delhi kababs.

Accommodation for all outstation teams (and local teams that wish to stay close by) will be a cycle rickshaw ride from the venue, and we will have a comprehensive hospitality sheet and helpful volunteers to guide you to places to eat and party.

We promise to make your stay as comfortable as ever within a reasonable accommodation fee. Outstation teams are requested to register at the earliest in order for us to make the best possible arrangements for you.

Adjudication Core

Ambar Bhushan has a list of debating achievements that is rivalled only, perhaps, by his social media presence and most debaters have spent many a moment chuckling at the special blend of horrifying and hilarious that is his sense of humour. Ambar has won nearly every debate there is to win, the 66th Mukarji Memorial Debate, PeopleSpeak 2013, S.R.D.F 2013, NUJS 2013 and NLS 2014 being the few we can mention in the interest of brevity.

Apart from being an impressive speaker (INDC certified), Ambar has been part of the adjudication core at the NUJS PD (2014), Gargi Parliamentary Debate (2013) and the Prof. Ghanshyam Memorial Debate (2013). He brings to the table a passion for debate, an uncompromising work ethic and, as we have recently discovered, a love of justice that perhaps trumps both. We’re thrilled to have him on core and look forward to what promises to be a thoroughly entertaining and entirely above board MukMem.

Returning as part of our core is resident heartthrob Soutik Banerjee. Soutik divides his time between swimming in a pool of universal likability and destroying the very fans who worship in its waters. His fantastically clear and deliciously funny whip speeches have earned him the reputation of being one of the best whips this circuit has produced, a reputation he cemented when the won the 7th NUJS PD and the Prof. Ghanshyam Memorial Debate 2014 (the only two times he debated this year).

In the past he has cored at MukMem ProAm 2014 and the ILNU Debate 2014. We’ve personally bathed in the reflected glory of the wonderful person that Soutik is and every MukMem has featured feedback sheets that are liberally sprinkled with exclamation marks and smiley faces that, somehow, the rest of us simply cannot elicit. There’s never a dull moment when Soutik’s around and his carefully constructed and frequently painful jokes are among the many things to look forward to at the 67th Mukarji Memorial Debate.

Viraj Parikh is part of that elusive cult of NLS debaters who crop up, every now and then, to gently put us in our place before receding into the higher plane that we’re certain he occupies. He was the winner of NALSAR IV (2013), St. Xavier’s Debate (2010) and our very own MukMem (2011) and runner up at the NUJS PD (2012) and IIT Bombay (2010). Viraj’s debating skills seem to defy “practice makes perfect” and he’s proof that for some, debating well doesn’t need to mean debating often.

In the past he has been part of the adjudication Core at the Mount Carmel College Debate (2013) and the NLS Debate (2013). Having spent two years listening to our seniors rave about his talents (one of which is being a spectacularly nice person), we’re thrilled to have the chance to work with him in person. We look forward to the fresh perspective that we’re certain he’ll provide in making this MukMem the best one yet. We’re glad to have him on core and can’t thank him enough for finding the time in his very busy schedule to be part of our tournament.

Jagat Sohail or Jaggi as he is fondly (and unwillingly) known has been one of the most recognizable figures on the circuit since he won the Gambit Fresher’s Debate in 2011 and sparked off what was to be a legendary run that his (mildly resentful) juniors have struggled to emulate for as long as we’ve known him. Jagat went on to win the NUJS Debate, The Professor Ghanshyam Memorial Debate, Manzar, ILNU Parliamentary Debate and the NLIU Debate.

In the past he has cored at PeopleSpeak 2014, NIT Rourkela 2014 and MukMem ProAm 2013. We’ve had the personal privilege of Jagat’s refreshingly unconventional and extremely considerate guidance that swings between gentle chastisement and painfully on-point humour and we’re thrilled that debaters and adjes at the 67th Mukarji Memorial Debate will have the chance to benefit from the same. Fiercely political and an equally enthusiastic partier, Jagat’s presence always makes for a great debate (as long as he keeps the winning team’s name straight). We’re glad to have him on core and promise you the kind of novel experience that Jagat always helps create.


MukMem follows a two-on-two modified APDA format. The brief details of the format are as follows:

Each round shall consist, in order, of the following speeches:

  • Prime Minister (PM): 7 minutes
  • Leader of Opposition (LO): 8 minutes
  • Member Government (MG): 8 minutes
  • Member Opposition (MO): 7 minutes
  • Opposition Whip Statement (to be delivered by the first speaker): 4 minutes
  • Government Whip Statement (to be delivered by the first speaker): 4 minutes
  • Teams will break to the Octa-finals stage after debating 5 preliminary rounds.


We shall be awarding prize money for the top five adjudicators and all teams who qualify to the quarterfinal stage and beyond. We promise to make our tournament worth your time.


Registration for MukMem 67 is now open. Institutions can register on the link provided below.

The last date for participants to register is 20th December.

Register here.

The tournament rule-book and schedule shall be sent to institutions soon via email.

For any queries, you can contact us on 9560748240 (Syed Faizan Bukhari) or drop us a mail at

We look forward to hosting you this January.

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