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Internship Experience @ S.S. Rana & Co, Delhi: Learnt a lot about IPR; Rs. 5000 Stipend

By: vishal choudhary | December 7, 2017

Name and Address of Organisation

S S Rana & Company

81/2, 2nd & 3rd Floors, Aurobindo Marg, Adhchini, New Delhi – 110017, India

Application process 

You can apply for an internship through their official website by going on to this link.

Duration of internship and timings

10 Weeks

9:00 AM – 6:30 PM

First impression and first day formalities

On the first day you begin by meeting the HR, who then assigns you to a team depending on your area of interest whether its trademark, copyright, patent, litigation, corporate, etc. but there can be times when might not get the department of your choice as there might no be any vacancy in that particular department.

This is followed by introduction to the HOD and the associates, who inquire about your year of study, old internships, etc and then assign you work.

Work environment and the people

The work environment at the firm is very positive as all the associates, paralegals and even the partners at firm are very welcoming and you can reach out to them if you are facing any kind of problem with the work assigned to you.

One of the highlights of my internship was that I got to closely work with the Managing Partner of the firm Mr. Vikrant Rana. He is a very humble and knowledgeable person.

I was in the Trademarks Department and every person in my department was so sweet and fun to work with. I always got a lot work and every time anyone assigned me any work they sat down with me and explained me what was to be done in details.

Another amazing thing was that I didn’t monotonous work all the time, every now and then my HOD Ms. Pooja Thakur kept inquiring if I was getting different type of work or not and what kind of work would I like to do.

Best things

  • The work environment is very positive and enduring.
  • A good learning experience as you actually get to learn a lot of new things in the field of IPR.
  • The interns get to work alongside the Associates, hence the interns are able to establish a good bond with them and can always reach out to them for any kind of help.
  • Accessibility to personally interact with the Partners at the firm and learning from them.
  • The most friendly and helpful associates.
  • The no mobile use policy during office hours. It is really helpful for our mobile addicted generation to maintain their concentration over the work assigned.

Bad things

  • No cafeteria so either you get your food from home or order it an hour before the lunch break.
  • The 45 minutes lunch break seems really short, it should be extended to an hour.


They provide you with a decent stipend of INR 5,000 per month.


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