In its quest to encourage deeper inquiry into our ‘obvious’ beliefs about the society and economy, South Asia SFL brings to you its Essay Writing Contest.


There are three descriptive pictures, each of which tries to make a point about the topic in contention. Participants need to write an essay in no more than 1,000 words explaining their thoughts on one of the three topics.

1) Unintended Consequences -Recognizing that intentions do not equal results and that we must consider the possibility of unintended consequences is what separates good social analysis from bad.

2) Rule of Law -Slavery was legal; apartheid was legal. Does legality establish morality? What should be the nature of laws in a free society?

3) Prescriptive Morality -Tolerance is the virtue that allows us to coexist peacefully with others who may not share our particular ideas about the good life (values, religion, ethnicity, culture, or lifestyle preferences).  Does government power diminish this virtue by giving people channels to suppress ideas that they don’t like?


1. First Prize Winner- Rs. 4,000 + 1 Book of your choice* + Entry passes to the First SFL Conference in Asia

2. 2 Second Prize Winners – Rs. 2,500 + 1 Book of your choice* + Entry passes to the First SFL Conference in Asia

3. 3 Third Prize Winners – Rs. 1,500 each + 1 Book of your choice* + Entry passes to the First SFL Conference in Asia

4. 2 consolation prizes – Rs. 500 each + Entry passes to the First SFL Conference in Asia

All participants will get discount passes for the First SFL Conference in Asia

* The book will have to be from a selection of options presented to you after the declaration of prizes.


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Explanations to Topics:

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