Internship @ Soli Sorabjee

Internship @ Soli Sorabjee, Lawyer, Supreme Court of India

(Published on 24 August 2012)

Name of the intern: Nihal D’Souza, 4th Yr B.A.LLB.(Hons.),University of Mysore

Duration/timings: One Month.

Office timings are pretty flexible, the work atmosphere is good, I generally stayed from 10 to 8.

How big is the office: 4 juniors, 1 full time Junior, 5 support staff

Main tasks: Attending hearings at the Supreme Court, attending conferences at Chambers, Assisting in Research on Case Laws, Preparing List of Dates, etc.

Work environment: Mr.Sorabjee is really friendly and endearing, and this positively lifts up the atmosphere at the office. His Juniors were also amiable and would take time to advice me on any matter where I needed clarification.

Although he takes only one Intern at a time, I never felt lonely, because the support staff really made me feel at home there.

Our typical day would start by leaving with Mr.Sorabjee to court in his Car, and Mr.Sorabjee would always take the time to speak to us on the way to court.

After a day of listening to arguments at court, we would head back to office, and there prepare for any conference which may happen on that day.

The work atmosphere was not stressful, there was none of the time pressure typical to firm work.

Biggest learning: There was no single biggest learning lesson, although each small part of the Internship was a learning experience in itself.

Be it listening to the way Mr.Sorabjee interacted with clients and briefing councils, the way he argued at court, or merely attending case hearings at the Supreme Court.

Best things: Friendly Atmosphere

Appreciation for work completed

Mr.Sorabjee taking the time from his busy schedule to interact with me.

Opportunity to listen to top class arguments by the best lawyers at the Supreme Court

Bad things: Relative lack of heavy work :) i.e compared to firms

Office on Saturdays and Sundays

Rating: 8/10

Stipend: NA

Read more about Mr. Soli Sorabjee here.

Did you know that Zia Mody (AZB’s name partner) is the daughter of Mr. Soli Sorabjee!

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