Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC) New Delhi Requires Interns

Software Freedom Law Center(SFLC) is a New Delhi based Non Profit organisation that provides pro-bono legal representation and other law-related services to protect and advance Free, Liberal and Open Source Software (FLOSS) and to protect digital civil liberties of the citizens of India.

SFLC invites applications from students who are doing their graduation in Law for a winter internship programme.

Internships will be in the following fields:

1. Patent research

2. Free Software license compliance, copyright and trademark licensing

3. Information Technology law, cyberspace, internet and issues related to media and journalism, identity and privacy, education, technology, freedom of speech, civic engagement, policy in India and Asia-Pacific.

Typical work includes legal research and writing, drafting educational materials, writing research papers and litigation preparation.

Winter internships are generally for one month or longer, although splits may be possible in some cases. All interns will work from our New Delhi office. Internships are unpaid; students may seek funding from their school’s public interest program or other sponsorship arrangement.

We request law students with sufficient interest in the areas provided to submit their applications with a cover letter and resume in a free document format to

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  1. Sumit Kapoor
    Ever heard of something called the non-profit’s website? Lawctopus is not the official page for you to have every details of the internships. Also, since when have law firms started giving specific dates for internships. Its funny that an egoistic law student/ like you dares to challenge the people who’ve been in the field for quite a while and are definitely more qualified that you (are or ever will be).

    A previous intern

  2. Employers At least learn how draft an application. Its shame on you guys…these are basics taught at senior secondary level.

  3. Please if u can let me know about some facts of this internship.
    like from when it starts and is it open to 1st year students of law.

  4. Its sad that indian employers have got the knack of getting their work done for free. Its costs money to the interns to travel to and fro from work…. leave alone remuneration for manual labour. Have some decency employers.

    — Frustrated & broke law student

  5. Hello,

    Your description of the internship created my interest in interning
    with software freedom law center, but i have one query. Can i get
    the details of the internship as from when it is starting as well
    as the ending date so that i can plan my work schedule according
    to that.Kindly get back to me with the required information.


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