SOA National Institute of Law (SNIL), Odisha is a Faculty of Law, of excellence striving for overall development and holistic growth to create enterprising, sensitized, socially aware and modern legal personalities.

In the past few years since its inception, the institute has managed to strike a balance between academics, extra curricular and co curricular activities with phenomenal success at state as well as national moot court competitions, debates and sporting events.

Life at SNIL, Odisha can only be described as exciting and fulfilling: students are constantly involved in organising and participating in conferences, cultural and sports events.

Aspiring for the same enthusiasm SOA National Institute of Law, Odisha brings to you the Ist ever Edition of it’s annual Law School Meet, THE LEGAL SPECTRA- 2013.

This edition of the fest is expected to see participation from more than 25 law schools across the country in various academics, extra curricular and co curricular activities.

Brief details of the event:

Dates of the Meet : 05th-07th October, 2013

Location : SOA National Institute of Law, SOA University Campus (Near Sum Hospital)
Ghatikia, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India-751003

List of Events:


Fashion Show (An Unique You)

Dance-Dance (Zara Nach Ke Dikha)

Sing-a-Song (Geet Gata Chal)


Quizzard- (Are You Updated ?)  a perfect amalgamation of Legal and the Fun World!


Debate (Tark-Vitark)

Extempore (Talkative)


Poster Competition (Rang Barse)


Moot Court


Table Tennis (Ping Pong)

Carrom (Strike and Pocket)

For more details one can visit official institute website:

And the event official blog:

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  1. It is by far one of the best legal fests in the world. The student convener himself is extremely captivating and eloquent and no matter what people say (they do say allot) there is not a hint of integrity i mean anomaly in the conduct of this competition.
    To begin with there was the moot court competition where your result is not based upon the college you represent or the college the judges had been from but on the individual brilliance of a student from the college who is quick on his feet and even quicker with an eraser. Yet again I repeat there is no discrepancy what so ever,they do not tamper with your marks at any given time,they just erase it to make the margin more clear. Hence it is for the purpose of mathematics and mathematics alone.
    Then came the parliamentary debate competition this is the most transparent event of them all it is so transparent that even the adjudicators are there just for show as their feedback is not binding. It does not matter whether the adjudicators have given you the debate the decision will come from the office, made by people not present there. After the debate the participants along with the adjudicators are shepherded out and then the judging sheets go to the office where it takes about 30 minutes to calculate. I guess this happens because they have some kind of no calculator rule and have to use their own brains instead. The results are so shocking and unexpected at times that even the winning team are aghast and feel ashamed. This however I believe is as a result of the participants own fault, as they do not understand exactly how good they were rather than any discrepancy what so ever taking place within the office. I would advice everyone to attend this fest as it is unparalleled in every sense of the word and by far the best and most memorable one to date.

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