Internship Experience @ Singhania and Partners LLP, New Delhi: Accompany the Associate/Partner for the Hearing in the Court

Name of the Student


Name of the Organisation
Singhania and Partners LLP, New Delhi
Application Process

The firm accepts internship applications at

Preferably 2-3 months in advance from the period of internship.

The HR’s primary responsibility is to review intern application and thus you can expect a reply without any hassle.

However, don’t hesitate in calling the offices to know the status of your application and to reaffirm that you are indeed interested in the position (I did!).

As a policy, the firm does not hire students from I & II year of the 5 year law program.

January 4, 2016 to January 29, 2016

Monday-Friday. Every first Saturday of the month is working.

The office timings are 9:30 to 6:30, which are flexible to a reasonable extent. You may be expected to stay late if the work demands.
First Day 

The office is located in a 5-floor building at P-24, Green Park Extension. All (there could be 5-10 interns joining at once) the interns are directed to one of the conference rooms and expected to wait for the HR.

The introduction is pleasant and welcoming and all the interns have to follow her to the basement where they shall be allotted a cubicle (if you are lucky) or a desk (to be shared with 3 other interns = not very lucky).

The firm keeps an extensive record of all the interns and the interns will be required to fill in a form and submit a photocopy of the following documents, along with 5 photographs – Student ID, Address Proof (Voter ID), DOB Proof (PAN Card), 10th Standard Marksheet, 12th Standard Marksheet, College Marksheet (last semester’s record will suffice) and your last internship certificate.

A few interns will be allotted desktops while the others will be working on the office laptops. Personal laptops, pen drives and USB cords are frowned upon and confidentiality is the new buzzword in the basement.
Sorted – Partners and their teams 

Hierarchy in the firm is pretty straightforward and a presentation on the desktop of the intern’s laptop/desktop will familiarize you with the Who’s Who of the Firm.

You will be assigned to one of the Partners’ team, either corporate or litigation (according to your choice).

A mentor will be responsible for giving you work during the course of your internship.

You may be allowed to ask for work from other associates of the team, if you are not fully occupied but it is advisable to first consult with your mentor.

The HR may transfer you to another team for one-two days if there is an urgent need.

You are expected to finish an article on the topic assigned to you by your mentor or the Partner before the end of your internship.

Work Environment

The associates are friendly and helpful and will allow you liberties that the HR will never approve of.

However, their liberal attitude should not be misunderstood as deadlines and the quality of your work will not be excused.

The interns with the litigation team are allowed to accompany the associate/partner for the hearing in the Court.

These trips are brilliant opportunities for interns to work at a real proximity of the system and may just turn out to be the best part of the internship.

The corporate team interns will have an opportunity to work on due diligence reports, drafting of agreements and contracts. The reporting and compliance for client companies may be commonplace.

The work assigned to you will be directly proportional to your eagerness and performance and suffice it to say, there is no dearth of work in the office.

The interns will have to dodge the multiple attempts of the firm to lure them into legal research for academic purposes, unless you enjoy it, then you dive right in!

There may be days when your team seems too lax and you can use this time to browse through the collection of books on the 3rd floor (take note of the records for borrowing books).

The firm hires interns in batches and you will probably find a few interns who have been there for some time and they be your guide for food and gossip, till they leave and you step into their shoes for the next batch of interns.

The third floor of the office is a pseudo canteen where the interns are also allowed to eat their lunch during the specified hour.

In case you don’t carry lunch from home, you can ask the office boy(s) to order you a tiffin or anything else you prefer, after depositing the money at the reception.

The office boys will offer you tea/coffee and cookies (mostly, Good Day) twice a day. You are allowed to ask for more but that would involve reaching the 3rd floor and asking for it.

The office is located at 5 minutes walk from Green Park Metro Station Gate No. 4, if interns are travelling to Green Park via metro. Alternatively, the nearby areas such as Gautam Nagar and Gulmohar Park are bursting with PGs, which are available on short notice as well.

If you wish to stay in a PG, it is advisable to reach the area without luggage and simply ask around (auto-walas are very helpful in this matter) about PGs which may have a vacant room.
General Observations

The Managing Partner, Mr. Ravinder Singhania, meets the interns once a month to enquire about their experience at the office. However, that meeting does not move beyond the realm of formality.

The level of association with the Partner of the team is greater and may help you forge important professional relationships.

The firm’s environment is conducive for a balanced life, the associates are allowed to have a social life and the office work’s never overbearing.
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