Internship Experience @ Singh & Singh Lall & Sethi, Delhi: Stipend of Rs 5000, Fell in love with trademarks and copyrights




Singh & Singh Lall & Sethi

Address: F-11 Jangpura Extension, New Delhi- 110014.

Their new office is at D-17, South Extension, II, New Delhi, 110 049

You can find the location of the office HERE.

Application Process

The most important and first step should be drafting an impressive resume.

Once you are done with that, email your resume along with a cover letter to [email protected] clearly indicating the purpose as the subject of the mail.

The receptionist and their office staff are very co-operative. You can directly approach themin the office (if you live nearby) for detailed information.

Duration and timings

I interned for four weeks, starting from 22nd May to 16th June, 2015.

First Day

When I got the confirmation email regarding my internship, I was instructed to reach their office by 9:00 am.

It was but obvious to dress up in formals, because first impression is the last impression! So, I did.

Their office is in the basement and little confusing to locate, so I confirmed the address twice.

As I entered the office, I was mistaken to be one of their clients and got a very warm welcome from their receptionist.

It was fun, but I cleared the air by introducing myself.

She then gave me a good smile and asked me to take a seat.

Then, one of the associates came and introduced himself and asked me to follow him.

It was really a perfect place to work. It was very quiet and filled with positive energy.

There were lots of case files and a systematic division of area.

In the main hall, all the associates sit and just at the back, all the senior partners.

They are a big happy family, but very professional.

There is a small pantry. It was the best thing, as you will often be served a cup of tea.

The timing is perfect: it will be served when you’ll be needing it the most.

Then there were 2 conference rooms and two libraries.

Interns were instructed to sit at the back room, which was quite the perfect location. It was next to the library and very close to the pantry.

All the interns were ask to submit a hard copy of their resume.

After that warm welcome, I was assigned with work and was asked by one of the associates to accompany him to the High Court. This then became a daily routine .

Main tasks

S&SL&S is a very busy firm- so we were asked to visit courts on a daily basis and were asked to assist associates or partners in case studies and even assist them during the proceedings.

But when you are not in court, then they assign you with research work or some drafting (for example: I once assisted in drafting the responses for examination report of trademark).

They will hardly let you to sit without any work.


The work environment is very positive.

Being one of India’s leading IPR firms, it had all it claims.

They had a perfect team of enthusiastic and energetic youngsters who had amazing knowledge and worked day and night for their clients.

Associates and partners are very helpful and polite. They will always help you with work and even give you some tips and valuable knowledge regarding the legal profession.

There is lot you can learn here.

The most important thing is discipline and punctuality along with dedication.

Best things

I knew nothing about IPR.

However, in these 4 weeks, S&SL&S taught me enough to be interested in trademarks and copyrights.

It is also helping me in my 4th year IPR curriculum.

Getting to see the court proceedings and witnessing the partners arguing against leading advocates like Mr. Anand and Mr. Singhvi is a cherished experience for me.

I even got a chance to meet Mr. Rajpal Yadav, though he was quite pensive as he had a case.

But a celebrity is a celebrity!

I also got several chances to hear Mr. Jethmalani, Mr. Salman Khurshid and Mr. Amit Sibal argue.

I even got a chance to assist in briefing Mr. P Chiddambaram regarding a case.

On a different note, the Delhi High Court canteen food is cheap and tasty and McDonalds is just 5 minutes away from the office.

GK market is also nearby! And there is a sandwich place by the name of Novelty.

You can also watch movies after you get free from work in the Eros mall nearby.

It’s the perfect entertainment experience.

Bad things

It gets extremely boring on days that you do not get to go to the court, because the office is empty.

Not a good place to be in the rainy season because the place gets water logged.


INR 5000

Biggest Lessons

The biggest lesson I learned is that anything can be achieved if you have discipline in life and punctuality and dedication towards your work.

I also understood the value of team work and respect towards your colleagues.

The most important thing I learned is that if you are stressed and cannot think at that moment, just have a cup of tea and you will be relaxed and ready to work again.

Anything else?

Always finish your work on time and always approach to the associates and partners for work.

They are self-dependent and will finish their work on their own.

So, always take the initiative to ask for work if you really want to learn something.


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