She Had Followed Her Dream: Veni Vidi Vici


By Varsha Apte, III BSL LLB, ILS Law College,Pune

The finish line was officially marked,

Concentration surged through her veins,shaped by months of toil and rigour,

Her passion written all over her face, so evident in the blood,sweat and tears was the base of the pyramid upon which she had to build.

The end was straight as it oft is,

It were the twisted and varied means she had to master.

The trials and tribulations,

The traumatic injuries and the resentful frustration they brought along,were soothed by the unguent of mentoring and rest,

Her mind was doing cartwheels through the minds of the competitors as she scanned them with a deft move of her eyes.

Strategy and technique,never could they take a backseat.

Her ears were tuned to the shriek of the whistle,

The moment had arrived.

Her body was the vehicle and her mind its engine,

The goal was to outclass,

The right blend of drive,motivation and energy lent her sprints adequate spike.

She whirred past the competition as the numbers stacked,

The resounding cheers provided fuel where her bodily reserves seemed to slack,

She sped on as hurdles behind her accepted defeat,

Her competition was slammed by the wind in envy,

She stepped up the acceleration,

Sprouting wings as she raced on,

The line was in sight but the competition was catching up,

The heat and the humidity filled her nostrils.

The trophy glistened as she rushed on,

The point of the compass was drawing closer to its destination,

With victory it had to coincide.

She bolted,

The pressure was mounting,

Her sinewy legs were now galloping and her heart beat faster,

She craned her neck from side to side,

The moment had arrived,

The line was crossed and left behind,

The crowd roared with applause,the competition was beaten hollow.

She raised her arms high,powered by confidence,

The glistening trophy she nestled with pride,

With eyes gently shut she let her senses take over,

The triumph,the joy,the hunger,the verve,

Like a sponge she absorbed the heady mix,as friends and her mentor rallied around her,

With moist eyes and a brow beaded with perspiration,she took a bow.

The pinnacle she had to reach was in her mind firmly fixed,

Her face shone with pristine clarity,

She had followed her dream,

She had followed her dream.

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