Boyfriends, Proposals and Moot Court Judges: Sexual Harassment and Moot Court Selections

Anonymous, HNLU Raipur

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Sexual harassment at work place or demand of sexual favour by any senior in the office is a punishable offence. But what when similar demands are made by a senior in a college that too a law college.

It’s a taboo to talk about this in a law college but this norm prevailing in my college and from what I have heard in most of the other law colleges.

I entered in the law college with the dream to come out at the end of five years as one of the best students this college in Raipur ever had. Within few days I had received all the suggestions possible from the seniors with regard to how to make it among the best.

Mooting is one of the dear topics of all the seniors here, honestly few prepare for winning but when you get all paid trip to any foreign land who would like to miss. But I was not ready to fall in line, I wanted to prove not only I want to take part in the best moots but win also and so took part in the intra-moot.

I prepared well, had a great presentation but ended up in the lower half. More surprising was the fact that many in top 20 didn’t even know how to write and read in English, let alone making a memorial.

However, I moved on with my students without giving much thought to this when I realized the whole idea of organizing an intra-moot by seniors was to just entertain themselves because you won’t even get a team, getting a moot was not even a question.

I had a great 1st semester academically and was all set to take part in moots in the 2nd semester. I made a team with took a challenger but wasn’tt even consideration by the judges, who I would like to mention were our seniors. The moot was allotted to one of the weaker teams according to me but whose boyfriend was a senior and a close friend one of the judges.

Everyone knew beforehand her team was the one to be selected. But then after the results of different challengers that took place that semester I realized it’s not about just being the best prepared team, you should also have the best contacts.

Most of the teams to qualify for the good moots had people who were in relationship with one of the judges or their friends or were simply fifth years, in which case you have no chance.

But I didn’t my spirits fall so easily and took part in challengers the following semester.

sexual harassment and the moot court
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This time few days before the challengers one of the judges-to-be proposed me. I simply rejected not realising the consequences. I was disqualified in the first round couple of days later. It was then that one of my friends who is going to a south-east Asian country this summer in his first moot came and offered me to be part of his team.

I rejected his offer as I felt it was not right for me to take part in an international moot without any previous mooting experience and also I didn’t want to just travel to a new country but when. It was then that he made me see the whole story.

He himself knows which asses to lick and it was he who made me realize why I was being rejected every time. He told me that either team-up with people who have contacts or who knows whom to please and how. That this college is no place for morally-correct and if you want to get through you have to let them through.

I am writing all this as my last hope to bring change in my college at least otherwise I am all set to take the path of my classmate who made through in the 2nd semester. In three semesters she has one national and one international moot under her belt and a trip to US. I can’t float alone long and I am sure to board ship sooner or later.

Yes, I am all set to sleep my way through to the top.

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