Internship Experience @ Chambers of Padma Shri, Senior Advocate Pravin H Parekh, New Delhi: PHP Sir took personal interest in every intern

Name of the Intern

Ankit Tripathi, 2nd Year Student, Institute of Law, Nirma University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Name of Organisation

Chambers of Padma Shri, Senior Advocate Pravin H. Parekh,

Supreme Court, President, Confederation of Indian Bar, New Delhi

Team Strength

There were 3 associates in the chambers of PHP Sir along with two stenographers.

Duration of Internship

1st November-30th November, 2015, One Month.

Timings during the Internship Period

If you are interning under PHP, you need to make yourself very clear that that one month internship is really an internship. Since Sir works 7 days a week, he expects his interns and associates to also work 7 days a week. You need to report to at his chamber (Chamber No. 134, R.K. Jain Block) at SHARP 9.30 A.M.

You are asked to leave after 5.30 which is after sir leaves the court. If there is some very important conference, you may be asked to visit his home again after the court and stay there till the end of the conference.  I have stayed in the office after the regular court visit till 8.30 with regards to some important conference.

On Saturday and Sunday, you are asked to report at 11 A.M. to his home cum office.

Office Address and Residence

Sir use to practice both at High Court and Supreme Court.

Office Address: R.K. Jain Block, Lawyers Chamber No. 134. Supreme Court Of India, New Delhi

Residence– Parekh Villa, B-99, Neeti Bagh, New Delhi,- 110049

Phone: +91-11-46498800-08 Fax-91-11-46498810

Nearest metro to Supreme Court: Pragati Maidan (Blue Line)

Nearest metro to Residence: Green Park (Yellow Line)

PGs and Hostels Near By

Since sir‘s residence is in Neeti Bagh, it is advisable to take PG or hostel nearby or in the same locality. Finding PG or hostel won’t be a difficult task, since there are numerous PGs nearby in Green Park locality. If you don’t live in Green Park, you need to come to come at green park metro station and then take an auto to go to the Parekh villa costing Rs. 30

Details of Nearby PG for boys:

1. Landlord: Anuradha

Contact: 9999209311

Address: Block-D, Green Park, Near Green Park Bus Stand, Green Park.

Details of Nearby PG for Girls:

1. Landlord: Subodhkumar

Contact No: 9999767639

Address: Sri Aurobindo Marg Near Green Park Metro Station, Green Park

2. Landlord: Slbatta

Contact: 9958699031

Address:Ch Hukum Chand Marg, Near HDFC Bank, Green Park, Green Park

3. Landlord: Aruna

Contact: 9958713812

Address: Sri Aurbindo Marg Near S Block Market , Green Park

Application Process

Application Process is very simple; one has to apply to the concerned E-Mail Id by sending the CV and a proper structured cover letter to the following ID:

Email ID: [email protected]

It is recommended that one takes the follow-up after sending the application for the internship. One can expect the reply within a week, if the slots are free. It is better to apply 3-4 months before the internship period.

First impression

My internship was supposed to start from 1st November, 2015. I joined the internship on 2nd November due to some unavoidable circumstances. On my first day, I went to his home since at that time I did not know that we had to report at his chambers from Monday- Friday.

I could not find out his residence since I was new to that place. As soon as I entered the Neeti Bagh Colony, I was amazed as there were houses of some really big shots in the field of law like Pinky Anand, K.K. Venugopal, Soli Sorabjee etc. After few hours of baffling, I found his residence which was a villa. I went inside and met Benny Sir who was in office that day and handling the work from there.

I introduced myself; I was asked as to Do you have any proof of your confirmation? I showed the screenshot of the received mail from Sir which I literally had. 😛 Then I was asked to fill short details in the intern diary mentioning my name, college name, duration and address.

He told me that ki “Sare intern to court gaye hai, aap nai gaye’. I told sir I was not informed about this. He told me to identify the pending case briefs and read till sir comes. I kept waiting and finally sir came around 7.P.M. Then, I went inside his office, introduced myself, he told me to report at his chamber from next day at 9.30. A.M.


The chamber of Sir in the Supreme Court is in the R.K. Jain Block, No.134. Believe me, you can observe every other chamber of other advocates there, sir’s chambers is far different from others. It is lavish with properly furniture rooms.

There are two rooms in the chamber, One in which Sir sits along with his stenographer, other being the room in which associates and interns sit and do the work. There are two computers in that room for the associates and interns. However, interns are expected to bring their own laptop and work on that.

Sir also has office-cum residence at Neeti Bagh where he works on Saturday- Sunday and other  holidays. The residence has one big spacious rooms where sir sits with his BIG Chair. It has sir’s different photos along with Barack Obama, Pratibha Patil and Pranab Mukherjee, etc. That is the conference room as well where difference conferences are held for the case. Apart from this, one big room is there is for bigger conference, or rather say CIB Conferences.

We have one big library consisting of different books on all topics. It has 10 PCs where associates and interns work.  It has one dining room for interns and associate for lunch and snacks. It is located on the second floor of his house in Neeti Bagh.

Main tasks at the office and chambers

The main tasks involved in the office are:

1. Reading case briefs and making note of it.

2. Drafting” list of dates” of upcoming cases in courts.

3. Learning the art of drafting Writ Petitions and PILs. Sir use to make us sit when the associates use to draft the petitions and PILs and asked us to help the associates in the same.

4. Drafting Affidavits related to PILs and Writs.

5. Researching on different case laws

6. Reading recent news and keeping ourselves update about the same.

Work Environment and People

The work environment was quite good. Sir’s associates were really amazing and helpful. Vishal Sir and Ritika Ma’am were the two gems of PHP. They always supported us in every mistakes and made us realise our mistakes.

Vishal sir was very strict when it comes to meeting the deadline. If he gave a work and you could not finish the work on the prescribed date, be ready to be grilled by Vishal sir.

Ritika Ma’am was too calm and helpful as an associate. He was the one who use to allocate work in the morning and take the feedback at the end of day.

Suman, our sweet coffee didi, who was always ready to provide us with coffee and maggi when we were tensed with the work. Jai Sir and Terence sir, stenographer were very sweet and kind, they were the one who use to greet me in the morning with a smile on his face even after loads of work on their head.

Benny Sir, whenever we use to work at home, it was he who monitored us and helped us in finding case files and case briefs and allocated wok to us. Altogether, it was a very chilled atmosphere at his home and chamber.

PHP Sir took personal interest in every intern. He used to have meeting in the morning, afternoon, and evening which made sure that he knows each intern personally. He was always obliging and treated all the interns very nicely. Offered good insight into the world of litigation.

Best things

The best thing in my internship was the opportunity to watch some big lawyers and advocate in the court and being able to analyse the case from the perspective of a judge without having bias towards any side. I got the opportunity to hear advocates like Ram Jethmalani, Harish Salve, P.P. Rao, Mukul Rohatgi , Fali S. Nariman , Rajeev Dhavan etc arguing in the court.

Further, the daily interaction with PHP sir was the best thing as you would find very rare lawyers to devote personal time to their interns. Sir always use to guide us like a teacher, tell stories and make us learn different laws.

Since Sir was a big name in the field, you got to meet different people from media even on Sundays who use to interview sir on weekends.

Probably, the best thing was the SUNDAY. For the whole we use to wait for Sunday because on Sunday you need not bring your lunch as the lunch was sponsored by PHP Sir. The budget was unlimited. Order whatever you want and payment was made on behalf of sir.

Bad Thing

The only thing bad was the crowd at the Pragati maidan Metro station (Supreme Court).


There was no stipend given in cash to me. But materials given in kind were more than cash. At the end of my internship, I received my certificate signed by PHP Sir. I received different books related to different concepts of law, different magazines on law and governance, a book of V.R.Krishna Iyer, A Bag, etc etc.

Any other thing

There are place nearby to hang out with friends or co-interns like Hauz Khas village, Saket, South Extension etc.

Biggest Lessons

One of the biggest lessons I learnt was that hard work is the only way to achieve success in life. There is no alternative in any way to achieve success in life other than performing hard work. Punctuality is the next key to success.

Sir made sure all the interns are there in the office by 9.30.A.M. to imbibe a sense of punctuality in us because a lawyer had to be punctual of time. He told us that you have to learn this because if you have this habit of coming late to the court, you would develop wrong attitude.

He told me that the to become a good lawyer two qualities are of utmost requirement; Analytical Focus and Communication Skills, which are the basic necessities for a lawyer. If they do not have one of these then they should rather not join law.

One of the best thing sir said was that today many of the law students have fascination to join law firms or to become corporate lawyers but they cannot become good corporate lawyers till they have at least 5 to 10 years experience in litigation.

This cannot be learnt by sitting on an expensive chair in a corporate law firm.  This can only be learnt in the laboratory i.e., court rooms. Constitution is the basic law but your understanding of the Constitution by reading the book or the case law is incomplete till you actually experience it in the court rooms.

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