Internship Experience @ Senior Advocate Akshay Bhan, P&H High Court, Chandigarh: Heuristic approach towards interns


Sushant Kareer

Army Institute of Law,Mohali

4th year (BA LLB)

1st September, 2015 – 30th September, 2015

My Internship Experience

An internship is literally an exposure to what is than what you have read in books. It is that time when you realize that nobody says TAREEKH PE TAREEKH, to the Judge because everybody always wants one.

It is to explore the diverse branches of law to which you are oblivious to in college. The prime motive of an internship is accomplished when you realize what you really want to pursue in life.

A fruitful internship is  not when the riches of your boss sway you or the ease with which success comes to him, it is when the motivation gets instilled in you, to work hard and achieve.

You must unearth all the reasons behind his success and imbibe them. Internships are to idolize and find mentors whom you can look upto in the profession.

I was interning under the youngest Senior Advocate of the Punjab and Haryana High Court, Mr. Akshay Bhan. He is an alumni of NLSIU, Bangalore, who started his Practice in 1998. When I joined the office there were five associates working with him.

I would read all the briefs in the evening that were supposed to be argued by the boss, so that I could watch and learn when he argued. While in court, I would follow him like a shadow and the best part being that he would never minded me accompanying, for he understood that I was there to learn from him.

In court his arguments were scrupulous and glorified with brevity. It was a delight to watch him address the court. It is pivotal that your boss knows of your curiosity to learn, only then will he feed you both with work and opportunities. An ignoramus attitude would lead you nowhere.

In the evening, after court hours, the associates would give me briefs to read.

In case the raconteur of cases was too long, some cases would be delegated to me. Thereon my duty was to find out the law, the infirmities in the opposition’s case, brief my senior such that he’s ready for a battle in court.

Apart from a cornucopia of knowledge, my boss had a heuristic approach towards his juniors and interns. Every time, he got out of his office he would make sure to ask me as to what I was doing. Very often he would himself give me briefs which were to be argued by him the following day.

At times, he would come up and ask me to join him in client meetings so that I could have an idea as to how to deal with a client.

It must be noted that in order to gain trust of the employer one must be patient. In legal battles, much is at stake, so don’t get disheartened if you aren’t getting work that would match up to your potential. It is only when they trust you with the little things that they will entrust you with the ones that are worth.

Once there was a batch of 33 writ petitions that had to be filed the next day in court. Each of them had about 400-500 pages. We had to work on all of them, such that their filing doesn’t get objected to by the court officer, the next day. Since the following day was a Friday, we could not afford to make mistakes.

If the filing of the writs was objected to we would have to wait till Monday for a hearing. An associate and I sat till 3 ‘o’ clock in the morning to wind up the work. I reached home at about 4 am.

The following day, I made sure that I reach the high court in time for the morning rendezvous with boss.

He was surprised to see me in court and I was surprised to know that he knew we’d sat up all night. He made sure that I was present while mentioning of the case, for he believed that I had put in a lot of work.

At lunch he himself asked me to go home, get some sleep and enjoy the weekend. It is seldom that your boss gives you such “out of the world” instructions and when he does, you know that you’ve earned it.

Each profession has comic and entertaining aspects to it. While interning, you invariably acquire knowledge of the scuttlebutt that goes around in court. Waiting outside courtrooms is most interesting, it is the time of anecdotes, jokes etc. Everyone from your boss to the interns participate.

In the end, what matters is how much you can gain from it. One must always plan and analyse as to where he wants to intern.

Also, it is important to have an open mind at all times. For it will give you a chance to explore new things and have a wider spectrum of choice as to what would you want to specialize in after college.

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