Self-Care, Healing and Catharsis Workshop: Nurturing Physical, Mental and Emotional Well Being [Mar 20-24]: Apply Soon!

Sambhaavna Institute, Palampur is organizing a Self-Care, Healing, and Catharsis Workshop around Nurturing Physical, Mental, and Emotional Well Being, from March 20th to 24th.

About Sambhaavna Institute

The Sambhaavnaa Institute of Public Policy and Politics is an alternative learning and living space for those concerned with social and political change. Situated in the village of Kandwari in Himachal Pradesh, Sambhaavnaa’s primary objective has been to nurture value-based leadership by encouraging individuals, especially the youth, to discuss and develop a critical perspective on the ideals and ideas that define a just society.

The Institute was founded under the aegis of the Kumud Bhushan Education Society in 2004. Since 2011, it has emerged as a platform for individuals and organizations to reflect on and engage with the injustices that prevail in society today.


In the last few months, as the pandemic has raged on, there has been an increase in loneliness, anxiousness, depression resulting in ‘pandemic fatigue and have reached a bit of a mental health breaking point. The coronavirus has brought with it a number of stressors – including job losses, social isolation, child care challenges, and general uncertainty – that tax the mental health of millions of people worldwide. This is more-so for people involved with activism and social work. While some people have invested in self-care many have ignored or stopped energizing and nurturing themselves.

About the Workshop

Vishakha and Sambhaavnaa have been organizing self-care workshops for the last 3 years, for people engaged in working on issues of social justice and equality struggles.

Methods that will be used in this workshop are:- breathing and meditation, expressive art therapy, gibberish, dance movement therapy, reflection therapy, yoga, yog nidra, laughter, work on energy point and channel, sharing, discussion and relaxation.

  • Awareness: Increasing awareness about body, emotions and thoughts through mindfulness.
  • Release: Releasing of negative emotions, allowing flow of energies in breaking down obstacles
  • Catharsis: Creating opportunity for the expression of suppressed emotions. Practice of being silent and calm in the moment.
  • Sharing experience and understanding: Understanding the concept of society, fear, respect, shame, in context of self and moving-on from its impact, using discussions and lectures.
  • Group healing: Energise yourself through self-love, meditation and self-reflection.


Fakeera is an emotional intelligence and freedom coach working across age groups with a mandate to help individuals take a reverse journey into themselves through the process of ‘Social Unconditioning’. She uses a repertoire of tools contextually to guide individuals and groups in identifying layered inhibitions, fears, and detrimental behavioral patterns that enslave us discreetly, yet so full.

The operating paradigm of her work is a core belief that while our conscious self continues to evolve, imprinted conditioning from our childhood often remains stagnant and entrenched in our subconscious, preventing us from living our lives the way we truly yearn to.

Founder of Jump Inward and cofounder of Creative Movement Therapy Association of India (CMTAI), Fakeera has a pan-India presence and a growing international clientele; Her approach involves techniques such as positive psychology, provocative coaching, psychodrama, awareness through body, humour, movement metaphors and encounters with the Naked Self.

Bharat has a long & first-hand experience of working on health, education, gender, combating VAWG, transformation and right based work with diverse group & communities. He has been facilitating the transformative process by using theatre, movement, breathwork and reflective pedagogy with psycho-social approach; creating discourse to build understanding on interlinkages between ecosystem, individual & collective wellbeing. His facilitation take individual /group through the reflective journey which creates space to understand body, emotion, thoughts with different dimensions by focusing on self


Sambhaavnaa Institute, Village: Kandbadi, Post – Kamlehad, Tehsil-Palampur, Kangra -176061


20 to 24 March 2021

Participant Contribution

They hope that the participants would contribute an amount of Rs. 12,000 for 5 days towards workshop expenses, inclusive of all onsite workshop costs: boarding, lodging, and all the materials used in the workshop.

Contact Information

WhatsApp or call Shashank: 889 422 7954 (between 10 am to 5 pm), and e-mail: programs[at]


Click here to apply for the workshop.


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