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Hello, Everyone. We are starting Lawctopus Magazine- A Weekly Newsletter.

You must have been coming to Lawctopus mostly looking for opportunities or courses. But if you would have noticed, we have been writing about other things as well in the recent past, such as articles on legal writing and learning. We have also been trying to include more art in our articles, such as this article on public speaking.

We are looking to start a weekly newsletter ‘Lawctopus Magazine’ where we talk about the broad themes of law and learning. A lot is being done right now to make the law more interesting and accessible to students and general people, and we want to explore it.

You can read the first post here, on why you should subscribe. Here’s the extract from the post talking about what we would be focusing on:


The first is learning. For the past ten years, Lawctopus has been focused on making learning more accessible. We believe that knowledge is a great equalizer. Thus, even things like sharing internship experiences, telling people about the upcoming opportunities, is a small step towards being more informed, more inspired. Our latest adventure is now to democratize learning, make it more accessible to everyone, and not just a select few. So you can expect stories on people’s experiences learning, failing, trying, and innovating.

The second is the law. We want this to be a space where we provide (some) answers to the often asked lamentation of “why did I choose law”; which in some cases increases in frequency as a person’s career progresses.

In law, we want to focus on one thing in particular. To put it in cliches, it is “demystifying the law.” What do we mean by this? Everything related to law is full of clutter. The way we study law, the way we practice it, the way we think about it. While now there is a new age of “explainers” in law, with newspapers and other media outlets wanting to explain the law to the general public, we are nowhere near the kind of experimentation done while talking about other streams like science or math.

We want to spark your curiosity and make you question things more. We want to move beyond the understanding of law as merely through cases or statutes (while those are important), but also placing them in history and understanding what they mean. But we plan to keep it simple and keep it engaging.

We’ll be posting here interesting articles we are writing at Lawctopus. We’ll be putting things from other places we find insightful, which our readers could benefit from. We’ll also share some art and a few pearls of wisdom. This Newsletter is going to be a catalog of ideas.

All this won’t happen in a day. A transformation won’t happen within you by only reading what we write here. But it is a step, much like everything we do in life. If after reading our posts you feel a little motivated, a little driven; if you feel like going and reading more, then we would have been successful.”

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