Internship Experience @ Save the Children, Ranchi: Work on Human Trafficking and Rehab, Stipend of Rs. 10,000

Name: Deepshi

College: Gujarat National Law university

Organization: “Save the Children” , Ranchi Jharkhand

Duration of Internship: 6 weeks (15th November- 25th December 2015)

About the organization:

Save the Children, is a global network of non-profit organizations working for the betterment of the most disadvantaged children in more than 120 countries in the world.

It is India’s leading independent child rights organization, which is working in 17 states to make a difference in the lives of the most socially excluded children of India.

Field of work: It works in the areas of Child Education, Health & Nutrition, Child Protection and Humanitarian Response & Disaster Risk Reduction.

Getting there: I applied through a contact and send them my CV based on which they called me for an interview and then allotted me the internship.

For applying kindly visit their website HERE.

Work allotted to me: I was given one of the projects on Child protection, which involved intensive research on survivors of Human Trafficking and their rehabilitation process, which was carried out after their rescue.

I would visit Naxalite prone villages of Jharkhand and interact with young girls who had been victims of human trafficking and learn about their experiences.

In addition I would also attend the various state level conferences and seminars where I was responsible for documenting reports of the same.

I also explored other areas like health and nutrition and child education, which are important areas in which the organization works.

I also got brilliant chances to interact with officials visiting from other states and also abroad for the purpose of different projects.

Work Environment: It was absolutely brilliant. The employees treated me really well and entertained all my questions and queries.

They guided me and motivated me at every step of my research. The whole team would have lunch together and discuss about each other’s area of work as a result of which I could get an insight into the working of the NGO as a whole.

The frequent field visits were very well planned and proper transportation was provided for my conveyance to the villages for the research work.

Working hours: 10 am- 6 pm. Although on some days when I had a field visit I had to leave as early as 7 pm and came back by late evening.

Best thing: Although I was supposed to work on Child Protection, my area of work did not just remain confined to it. Visiting the dangerous Naxalite-prone villages was a different advantage altogether.

As I interviewed the kids, I met their families and interacted with them which enabled me explore an altogether different aspect of life.

Writing their stories whetted my appetite for “writing” which happens to be my passion too. Plus I captured brilliant pictures, which honed my photography skills too!

Bad thing: The experiences of little girls who had been rescued were indeed baffling and sometimes drained me emotionally. Also travelling was sometimes exhausting.

Accommodation and Transport: Since Ranchi is my hometown I had no problems in commuting as I lived with my parents and had personal transport.

But for outsiders, there are several PG options available at a nearby distance.

MY TAKE: It was an eye-opening experience, which developed my interest in child rights and a determination to further work on the same.

Stipend: A whopping 10,000

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