Satyameva Jayate RTI Competition by Shailesh Gandhi [Prizes Worth Rs. 40,000]: Submit by Dec 31

RTI Competition

The purpose of this competition is to increase awareness about the RTI Act. It is a very simple Act of 11000 words and overrides all earlier laws as far as giving information is concerned.

Hence any person can understand and use it, without worrying about other laws. Anyone can participate in this competition.

Submission Procedure

All entries should be sent only by email to: [email protected]


Last date for receiving entries is 31st December, 2016.


1st Prize: Rs. 25000; 2nd Prize Rs. 10,000; 3rd Prize Rs. 5000

The competition has two parts:

Part 1:

This involves reading some judgements on the RTI Act of the Supreme Court, High Courts and Information Commissions. After reading these the findings of the participant of one Supreme Court judgment, three High Court judgments and ten judgments of Central or State Information commissions must be recorded in the formats given below. 50 marks.

Part 2:

a. Writing 300 to 500 word analysis of any one of the judgments 25 marks

b. Writing a 300 to 500 word essay agreeing/disagreeing with any of the interpretations of the book ‘RTI Act-authentic interpretation of the Statute’ with reasons. 25 marks


c. Writing a review of the book,- in 300 to 500 words 25 marks.

Participants could easily locate Supreme Court and High Court judgments from HERE or HERE or HERE.

They would be able to access orders of the Information Commissions from the respective websites.The last day for submission of entries for this competition is 31 December 2016.

Anyone with interest in RTI can participate.


If any clarifications are required a email can be sent to [email protected]

The book ‘RTI Act-authentic interpretation of the Act can be downloaded by clicking HERE.

The RTI Act book and Competition formats are attached with this post.

Objectives in organizing this competition:

1. To create awareness and understanding of the RTI Act.

2. To create a database and analysis of a large number of decisions on the RTI Act.

3. To encourage people to read the book: RTI Act 2005- authentic interpretation of the Statute.

RTI Act Interpretation

Click HERE.

For further details, click HERE.

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