SASFL-SPIL Colloquium on Are Vices Crimes? at Government Law College, Mumbai [Jan 25]: Register by Jan 23

About the organizer and event

In this Students for Liberty colloquium, hosted by Students for Promotion of International Law (SPIL), we will explore the role of government in an individual’s life choices by exploring the ideas of thinkers like Lysander Spooner, John Stuart Mill, John Locke and Ayn Rand.

The colloquium on this topic will raise questions like:

To what extent is a man free to pursue his own goals and values? When do his actions cease to be private, and become subject to public approval? Is the democratic process a good justification for a law? Is it the government’s role to prescribe morality? and more!

About SFL Colloquia

How often have you watched a debate and felt, ‘both sides have some valid points if only they stopped trying to prove each other wrong and tried to listen’? The nature of a debate is competitive and oppositional with both sides trying to prove each other wrong.

An SFL Colloquium is a collaborative, cooperative dialogue in which multiple sides work toward a shared understanding. Dialogue creates an open-minded attitude; openness to being wrong and an openness to change while respecting other participants.

Date: 25th January 2020

Venue: Government Law College, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Time: 11 AM to 5 PM

Registration Details

Registration for the event is FREE. All participants will be provided with Certificates of Participation.

They have a limited number of seats and only selected applicants are invited.

To register: click here.

Last date for registration: 23rd January 2020.

Contact Details

Aradhana Pillai: +91 8879092686

Alessandra Shroff: +91 98200 67961

For the Facebook link, click here.

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