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Sankhla and Associates, Delhi

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I got my internship through a competition held at my college where Meghna Sankhla Mam, Partner came to judge one of the rounds. During the interaction session, I managed to bag this very internship.

But, you can mail your CV at

Website: Click HERE.

Fill up the inquiry form. They will get back to you within 2 weeks.

Duration of Internship and timings

January 19th, 2016 – February 20th, 2016

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

My First was quite interesting! 30 minutes went by explaining Meghna Ma’am that she promised me for the said internship and I succeeded.

Moving on to the formalities, there are none as such.

You’re just asked to fill in your details and submit it on the reception. Basic points were narrated, such as :

1. You should be dressed in Black and White

2. No phone zone

3. Worksheet to be maintained on regular basis

4. Report to concerned associates at all times.

Coming to the infrastructure, the office is decent in terms of space and is on the 2nd Floor.

There is a wide range of books and commentaries available which makes the research work less tiresome.

There are 4-5 laptops solely dedicated to interns, but the working condition is not good.

Also, if you’re thinking that you’ll carry your own laptop, then my friends, its a NO NO. But its okay, you can chill! Quality of work is awesome.

Main tasks

The firm deals with a vast range of fields. Corporate, Finance, Criminal, Civil, Real Estate being some of them.

Main tasks involved extensive research, briefing the associates and partners, preparing case notes, list of events and arranging documents.

On some occasions I was also asked to frame issues and prepare arguments. The associates are very helpful and you will note face any issue thereto.

IMPORTANT: Please report to your concerned associate on daily basis and inform them about your progress. If you don’t want to be scolded.

Work environment and people

There is a separate room for interns, so its kind of flexible. You can chit chat a bit in between. Make sure you’re not laughing or talking like a psycho.

There are 2 helpers also, you can ask for any book, bare act or commentary at any time.

Everyone is very understanding and humble but too punctual at the same time.

Best things

Amazing Quality of work. Beautiful certificate. Green Tea available 24*7.

Personal interaction with partners, Meghna Sankhla mam and Kapil Sankhla sir.

Bad things

Nothing as such. Just that the laptop issue needs fixing.


No stipend, but you get an amazing mug at the end of your internship 😀

Biggest Lessons

Punctuality drives this profession, be loyal to yourself, success has no shortcuts.

Don’t assume, ask.


I’m a Delhite, so accommodation was not an issue for me. For those who are Non-Delhites, Relax, cause finding a PG anywhere in Delhi is not difficult at all.

Moreover, the office is located in Greater Kailash-1 near GK-1 N Block market. So whenever you’re up for quick snacks, you can walk down to this awesome market.

Office Timings

9:00 A.M. – 7:00 P.M. Please be on time, they’re lil strict on this aspect.

Meghna Mam always says :’If you can’t be on time, you can’t do justice to your client.’

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