Internship Experience @ Sandip Agarwal & Co. Advocates, Kolkata: Draft Legal Notices, Brief Clients, Attend Arbitration Proceedings & Stipend of Rs. 3000


Easha Manchanda


Sandip Agarwal & Co. Advocates, Kolkata

Application Process

I dropped in an email with a cover letter and my CV at [email protected]

You should receive a reply within 10 days. It is recommended to apply at least three months prior to joining since they have limited seats and there are a lot of candidates.

If selected, you will be called for an interview and after that you will be informed about your date of joining.


May 19, 2015 to June 16, 2015.

First Day

There are three offices, situated in 10, Old Post Office Street, Kolkata.

One is the main office that is a duplex situated in the ground floor having a conference room, Sandip Sir’s office, the senior advocates’ offices and a reception area.

There are two offices in the third floor of the same building, one for the clerks and the interns and one for the other advocates. These offices were air conditioned.

I was asked to reach office at 10 AM. Then, I was alloted a senior associate by Mr. Sandip Agarwal himself who briefed me about my tasks and his office rules.

I was alloted a cubicle that had a computer with a broadband connection in the first floor office along with some stationery and a list of intercom extension codes.

I was thereafter called by Mr. Sandip Agarwal and he allotted me a particular client. Then I was briefed on his case and given all the case briefs.

Main tasks

My main task was to come up with arguments in the respective suits, conduct necessary research work with reference to the cases, draft legal notices, brief clients with regard to further plan of action in the case, attend client meetings and attend court hearings with the advocates.

I also attended three arbitration sessions. Trust me the best food is served at these sessions.

Apart from all this I got to work in a very professional and competitive environment since there were other interns there as well. Also, be prepared to do some clerical tasks as well, such as preparing a list of dates, documents, writing a synopsis on the cases, etc.

Work environment

The work environment is really great. All the advocates are extremely welcoming and helpful. They were of immense assistance from the very beginning until the end of the term of internship.

Also, everyone was very professional and knowledgeable there. From the clerks to the senior most Advocate, all of them had a lot of experience and definitely knew what they were doing.

Apart from the work culture there, the offices were very well maintained and up-to-date with the current technology.

All the interns had mixed up with the associates and the clerks there very well. Ashish Sir, Ali Sir and Manoj Sir are the best mentors that you can find in any law firm. They were always smiling and eager to help out. A special mention for Sandip Sir for being the most amazing boss ever!

Best things

The best thing is that you are treated as an associate there instead of just being an intern. While are mistakes were corrected, we were also given proper credit and appreciation for our good work.

Secondly, we get great attention here. there was not a single day when any intern was out of work or sitting idle. Sandip Agarwal personally made sure to meet every intern in the morning to keep him updated on each one of our’s progress and work at hand.

Even at the end of each day he had something new to tell us everyday, it could be one word or a good lengthy, interesting conversation.

And thirdly, the stipend!

Bad things

There was nothing bad as such in the whole internship experience.


Rs. 3000/-

Biggest Lessons

This was my first time at a law firm and I learnt a lot. From the office culture to the clientèle, everything here was top notch. It was probably one of the best places I could have interned at.

I realised that not everything is as easy as it seems; I also learnt how to look at one particular thing from 100 different angles and then scrutinise every angle.

I also learnt the importance of the tiniest bit of detail and the difference that can make in a law suit. I learnt a lot about a lot of new topics and fields of law that were previously unexplored.

Anything else?

You will also find the coolest and the most helpful clerks here, Tapas Da, Ranjeet Da and Das Da, who always have endless amount of Tea and gossip to tell you. And special mention for Sanjib Da, who is actually an accountant but is gradually turning into a semi-advocate himself.


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