Internship Experience @ Samvad Partners, Bangalore: Drafting and Research Work, Relaxed Environment

Name, College & Year  

Ananya Banerjee, University of Calcutta, Faculty of Law (Fifth Year)

Firm Details

Samvād Partners, Bangalore. The Firm is located at Vasanth Nagar, just beside Mount Carmel College.


As I have already said, the Firm is centrally located, just beside Mount Carmel College and very near to Cunningham Road.

There are a number of paying guest facilities available near the college itself. One could easily travel there from the nearby places.

I personally had rented a place at Sadashiva Nagar and the Firm was only around 3 km away from my place. I know about one pg facility for girls at Malleshwaram which I found online – Parvaty Women’s PG.

Duration & Timings

I interned there for 4 Weeks (October 01, 2015 – October 29, 2015), Monday through Friday. In my 4 weeks, I have never had to work on the weekends for more than half an hour.

We, interns, are expected to reach office by 9:30 in the morning, although one could reach by 10, but it is better not to make it a habit, and even if we had work left, we were asked to leave by 6:30 and finish the work on the following day.

Application Process

I came to know about the Firm during my internship with another firm. The application process is very simple. One just has to send a mail to the id mentioned HERE.

The human resource team got back with a questionnaire that I had to fill out and finally, after a round of interview, I was selected.

First Day Formalities

I reached office by 9:15 on the very first day and was asked to sign a non-disclosure letter. The office staffs were warm and welcoming. I had my very own desk and there was no other intern to be seen.

Soon enough, the associates and partners came in and they made me feel very comfortable.

I got to know that the Firm wasn’t accepting any interns in a long time and that I was the first one who got through. I was then asked to send out an introductory mail to all the offices. I was assigned my first task within an hour, after that.

Although Samvad has a very efficient litigation team as well and some of my co-interns, who joined later on, were given litigation work, I was more interested in the transaction team and had let everyone know about my preference.

The associates consider the preference of the interns while assigning them any task.

Main Tasks

I was a part of two due diligence processes going on in the Firm at that time, and also had to do a lot of research work. By the next week, there were two of us and each of us used to get good work.

I, being the workaholic that I am, kept on asking everyone for more work whenever I had some free time in my hand.

Finally once, I gathered up all my courage and went up to ask a senior partner if she had any work for me. I also told her about my experiences and what all I could do.

The few moments of courage actually brought some drafting work to me and by the second week there, I started drafting and working on more serious issues.

The joy of working at Samvad is that whenever you’re asked to do something, the associates and the partners give you a detailed insight on the matter. This one thing not only helped me to gain knowledge, it also made me feel involved.

The associates work with you as if you actually are a part of the team and not an intern who is only there for few days. They value your work and encourage you to do better.

In my 4 weeks at Samvad, I have done drafting, research, due diligence work, agreement review and other ancillary works.


Samvad’s work environment is very relaxed and happy. You could actually feel that people are enjoying their work there. The place itself is very beautiful and the view from the terrace is amazing.

The associates and the partners are very friendly and approachable. I personally have been a part of many birthday parties (more like cake cutting and a bit of chatting) and a farewell lunch during my period of internship.

The interns are taken seriously and if you know what you’re saying, your opinion becomes relevant there.

Lunchtime Fun

The building in which the Firm is situated, has a very efficient canteen. You get a variety of vegetarian food and you don’t have to compromise on the taste as well.

Everyone at the Firm has lunch together in the canteen during 1-2 pm and the lunch time is pretty awesome. Even if one brings their food from home, the canteen is the place to have it.

With all the not so serious discussions, pranks and plans, the lunchtime actually turns out to be the most refreshing hour of the day.


If you are in Bangalore, you wouldn’t have to think much about what to do on weekends. You could go bowling or gokarting or paintballing – you could do whatever the hell you want.

I interned at Samvad during the month of Durga Puja and being a Bengali, it was the most difficult time for me to stay away from home. But Bangalore didn’t let me miss out on Durga Puja at least. I spent most of my weekends, especially the Dusshera weekend, with my Bengali friends there.

We went pandal hopping, had Bengali phuchkas at the Bengali Association puja pandal, went looking for Kolkata Biryani and finally found one and then went back home late like we were actually in Kolkata. I also got to see the Ganesh Chaturthi celebration near my place which was a new experience for me.

Best Things

Interning at Samvad was all in all a great experience. The work culture, the exposure they give to the interns and the team there – everything was good. But I have already discussed about all that already.

The other great things were – the smiling faces all around, the tea/coffee whenever you want, the surprise arrival of bowl of fruits every now and then in the evening, associates sponsoring our lunch, chatting with the co-interns during our break, or when people praise your abilities.

I was about to start interning in another firm in the following week and the associates there even helped me with important things to keep in mind while interning there.

Bad Things

There actually was nothing bad about this internship, although, during the end of the month, we were 5 interns and there was not much work pressure on me, which was a little boring for me.

The only really bad thing was that I had sprained my ankle during this time and it was very tough for me to get an auto on my way back. My co-interns came to my rescue and they used to drop me off near my place, after that accident.


Samvad doesn’t pay any stipend to the interns.

But the bowl of fruits, the smiles, the encouragement and the quality of work – all of these never made me feel bad about the fact that there would be no stipend.

Tip: An intern should always reach the office well before 9:30 on Tuesdays. On every Tuesday, there’s one presentation where all the members from every office of Samvad takes part. These presentations are very informative and usually the best scope for us interns to grow our knowledge. In my 4 weeks, I have never missed a minute of any of these presentations.

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  1. Learning about legal research and drafting work could help alot in this law profession career so I m looking for this kind of internship which will help me to learn things .


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