Samjho Toh Express Arrives @ Kunzum Travel Cafe to Establish Cross Border Friendship [July 15, Delhi]: Registration Open

About “Samjho Toh” 

Why the name?

It is about understanding the ‘other’. SAMJHO TOH !!

In times like these, it is more than essential to look beyond our own identities and labels and establish cross border friendships. 

Respecting diversities, sharing an listening, walking hand in hand in each others journeys, learning together, empathising, owning our differences and that of the ‘others’, is what will open avenues to a hopeful today and a better tomorrow.

Duration of the Journey

4:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Session Includes

Come join the ‘Samjho Toh Express” at it’s junction at Kunzum Travel Café for a session cum interactive discussion with a mix short film screenings, fun activities and much more! 

Let’s figure out what happens:

Jab we let GO.

Jab we let IN.

Jab we let PEOPLE MEET.

Jab we let BE.

Jab we let GROW!!

See you there!

Entry Pass: Get a cross border friend along! Let us know why would you board the “Samjho Toh Express”

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For more information write to us at [email protected] or [email protected].com

You can also message or call on 8287587488.

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