Sambhaavna’s Nayi Dishayein 2017 | Summer Schools on Deconstructing Development [Palampur, Himachal Pradesh]

NAYI DISHAYEIN, 2017 Summer Schools on Deconstructing Development

A place for young minds to think critically, unlearn, dialogue, and possibly evolve pathways to contribute towards a just society


‘Development’ is the defining agenda of our times. All that goes on in its name receives an uncritical nod from citizens as diverse as the ‘savvy metropolitan’ to the ‘struggling villager’.

Political parties are increasingly using it as the most effective rhetoric to win elections.

Meanwhile, as a country, we continue to grapple with issues of poverty, inequality, marginalisation and conflict, and fail to understand why this ‘development’, which is the promised solution, is increasingly becoming problematic.

About the Summer School: Sambhaavnaa Institute, has for the last five years been organising a participatory, reflective and experiential program series, called Nayi Dishayein.

In this program we work with young participants to:

▪ Deconstruct, i.e., critically examine the notion of development
▪ Re-examine our belief systems, worldviews and privileges around power structures of caste, gender, religion, class
▪ Assess possibilities of change through exposure to a range of contemporary interventions/initiatives/movements towards a just society

To know more and apply, please click here.

Other Details:

Dates and Venue: This call for applications is for two distinct programs. Please apply for any one.

6 week program ( Classroom + Field Internship) 21st may to 6th July

10 day program (Classroom only) 11th to 20th June, Sambhaavnaa Institute, Palampur, Himachal Pradesh.

Contribution towards Programs Costs: Please see the full details on the website here.

Resource Persons: Praveen Singh, Prakash Bhandari, Himanshu Kumar, Nityanand Jayaraman, Dunu Roy, Kulbhushan Upmanyu, Ravi Chopra, Manshi Asher and others.

Language: Primarily in English, and some Hindi.

Contact: For more information please call 889 422 7954 or email: [email protected]


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