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The Workshop on Reclaiming our Republic is organized by Sambhaavnaa Institute, Himachal Pradesh from Oct 26-30, 2021.


Friends, many of us are aware of the deep inroads that a dangerous hate-driven, divisive, and authoritarian ideology has made across our land in the last few years: its assaults on the Constitution of India, the Supreme Court, the Reserve Bank, the Press Council of India, major Investigative Agencies, and other institutions of democracy; and, at the ground level, its impact on the lives of the minorities, Dalits and Tribals.

Even in the turbulent times of COVID-19, dissenting academics, activists, lawyers and journalists, writers, artists and students have been singled out for retribution.

The net has also spread to include all those people who believe in the plurality and diversity of this vast land, who believe in the equality of the law for all citizens beyond caste, creed, religion, language, and gender, and who believe in the freedom of speech. In fact, it is an onslaught on our foundational and core principles of citizenship and civilisation itself.

We are also aware that this ascent to power has been achieved by manufactured half-truths, propaganda, hyper-nationalism, shrill jingoism, the whipping up of a fear psychosis and, tragically, hate.

Now, the question that faces us is this: How do we confront this juggernaut that has immense financial resources at its disposal, a pliant mass media that acts as an echo chamber, and a huge army of indoctrinated cadres to both enforce this ideology and also spread its message? These are unprecedented times, indeed, for society, at large, in India. 

We know the battle is going to be long and hard and needs to be fought at the sociopolitical, legal, cultural, and media level. But, we also know that there have been numerous instances where individuals and institutions have stood up bravely, and successfully, to challenge this state of affairs and yet … We cannot afford to be resistant to optimism anymore. 

We, at the Sambhaavnaa Institute of Public Policy and Politics, are organising a workshop of five days that will help you find the necessary ideas and tools to combat these forces that spread this web of lies and deceit. A group of dedicated and reputed resource people will help you on this journey. 

About the Workshop

  • Understanding the history, origin, nature, and narratives of modern authoritarianism, current propaganda of hate, divisiveness and fear. 
  • Understanding the use of identity politics, majoritarianism, and othering. 
  • Highlighting women’s voices of resistance within different contexts.
  • Exploring the counter and positive narratives in support of diversity, equality, freedom and justice.
  • Underlining our syncretic and inclusive civilisation, multiple and fluid identities.
  • Equip ourselves with cultural and popular education tools and language to combat bigotry and instill constitutional values. 
  • Identifying and combating fake news and disinformation, which spreads hate and divisiveness. 
  • Sharing by participants of their own tools of resistance and creating a collective action plan.

This workshop is not meant as an academic exercise and is a call to action to people who want to challenge the status quo and contribute in meaningful ways using whatever skills and tools are there at their disposal.

The workshop will use an interactive and didactic approach to learning and will have a collaborative curriculum – themes, concepts and case studies. Through the mediums of interactive discussions and conversations, theatre, film/documentary screenings, lectures, songs of resistance, and sharing of each other’s stories, and of lived experiences by activists and scholars, we shall engage with the abovementioned questions. 

Who is this Workshop for?

This is a call to all teachers, students, activists, community mobilisers and citizens who are deeply concerned about this state of affairs. It is a call to come together to combat these pernicious ideas that attack the fundamental framework of what our democracy is about and the ideals of what we want to be, that are enshrined in our Constitution.

  • Language: The workshop will be facilitated in Hindi, Hindustani and some English.
  • Resource Persons in the past few programs:  Ram Puniyani, Natasha Badhwar, Prashant Bhushan, Nawal Watali, Bhasha Singh, Sabika Naqvi, Aparna Dewal, Gauhar Raza, Rahul Roy, Saba Dewan.  We will soon update the confirmed resource persons 
  • Dates and Venue: 26th to 30th October, 2021. |  Sambhaavnaa Institute, VPO – Kandbari, Tehsil – Palampur, District – Kangra, PIN 176061, Himachal Pradesh.

Contribution towards Programs Costs

We hope that each participant would contribute an amount of Rs. 2500 /- towards the workshop expenses, inclusive of all on-site workshop costs: boarding, lodging, and all the materials used in the workshop. Need-based partial waivers are available, especially for students from marginalized communities.

We have a very limited number of partial waivers, so, please apply for a waiver only if you really need it. Please do remember that there may be others who need it more than you.

How to Register?

Interested participants can register for the workshop through this link.


To know more, contact: WhatsApp or call Shashank at 889 422 7954 (between 10 am to 5 pm, Mon-Sat), and e-mail:

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