Sahaj Foundation’s Meditation-cum-Contemplation 12-Session Series for College Students [Aug 8-Sep 13]: Register by Aug 7

sahaj foundation lawctopus meditation


sahaj foundation lawctopus meditation

Sahaj Foundation, in collaboration with Lawctopus and NoticeBard, is pleased to announce a series of meditation-cum-contemplation sessions for college students.

These sessions are very carefully designed by Divya Gupta, who lives in the Himalayas and practices under the guidance of Buddhist masters, so as to prepare the young minds to not only become aware of their emotions, but also learn to transform them in their academic and personal lives.

This series of twelve sessions comes with a unique blend of wisdom and compassion-based teachings so as to enable the participants to develop a clear, aware, concentrated, contemplative and joyful mind.

Each one-hour long session shall consist of 15 minutes of introduction to the topic, 20 minutes of Shamatha (calm-abiding) meditation, 10 minutes of analytical meditation (with reference to the topic for the session) and 15 minutes of Q and A. 

A tentative session-wise list of topics is as follows:

  • Session 1: Are we free from external influence? 
  • Session 2: Do we want to be just happy or genuinely happy?
  • Session 3: Is it possible to let go of attachment and still love the other person?
  • Session 4: What is the harm that we do to ourselves through our anger?
  • Session 5: Is low self-esteem/ depression a permanent state of mind? Does it have a solid basis to exist? Let’s analyse.
  • Session 6: What is the ground for the fears to arise and grow? How do we go deeper into understanding them?
  • Session 7: How can we become more compassionate and loving towards oneself?
  • Session 8: Will things always be the same? If not, why do we cling?
  • Session 9: How do things exist? What is the hidden behind the seen?
  • Session 10: How to develop a joyful mind in our pursuit for genuine happiness?
  • Session 11: How to develop a mind free of attachment for friends and hatred for enemies? 
  • Session 12: Is there a difference between the way reality is and the way things appear to us?

All the above topics are interconnected and are like a ladder to build a thorough understanding of the mind and how to cultivate a balance through meditation and right understanding.

Hence, it is advisable for the participants to attend all the sessions.

Still, in case, someone skips a topic, s/he can still follow the instructions in the next session.


August 8-September 13.

A total of 12 one-hour-long sessions shall be offered on Saturday and Sunday of every week.

The timing of the sessions shall be from 6-7 pm.


Kindly fill the application form here:


The suggested range of contribution is Rs. 600- Rs. 1,800 for the entire program.

The participants are encouraged to contribute as per their heart and financial situation.

The ones who are capable of contributing on a higher side are encouraged to do so, as we also wish to accommodate a few individuals who are not in a position to contribute financially.



I am a college student, why should I attend this program? It does not seem to be directly relevant to my studies or job.

In the present context of global COVID pandemic, it has become essential to have this ability to become aware of and manage your mind.

This program prepares you just for that! We are absolutely sure that this program shall help you both in your personal and academic life, no matter in which stream you are currently enrolled in. 

Can I skip some online sessions?

As mentioned before, the sessions are interconnected and are like a ladder to build a thorough understanding of the mind.

Hence, it is advised for the participants to attend all 12 sessions.

Will the recordings of the sessions be available?

No, the recordings shall not be available for later review. Kindly be present and fully attentive during the sessions.

Can I join the program in-between, say after a week from the beginning or so?

No, we would love to have all our participants join the program right from the beginning.

How would I communicate with the program facilitator during the course of the program?

Though you shall be invited to ask your queries during the sessions, you shall also be able to communicate with the program facilitator, Divya Gupta, through a Whatsapp group that shall be created as soon as we have all our participants on-board.

This WhatsApp group shall also be used to pass on any logistics-related information to the participants.

What is the expected batch size for this program?

We are expecting to have more than 100 diverse participants joining us for this journey.

With such batch size, we are sure that we would be able to have deeply insightful discussions during the sessions and also on WhatsApp group. 

For more information, write to Ashish Kumar ( or call him on +91 88948 93083.

To apply, please fill the form here.



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