Run for Home: MNLU Aurangabad Support Stranded Migrant Workers

MNLU Aurangabad Support Stranded Migrant Workers

About the University

Maharashtra National Law University, Aurangabad is a National Law University in the State of Maharashtra, which came into existence on March 16, 2017. MNLU-Aurangabad continuously aspires to be a breeding ground for positive ideas and emerge as a symbol of openness of thoughts, cultural pluralism and celebrating the unity in the diversity of India.

About the Programme

“Run for Home” is a student-run initiative by Legal Aid Cell of Maharashtra National Law University, Aurangabad. It aims to help and support stranded migrant workers in any possible manner in the prevailing situation of a global pandemic. It started in the month of May and since then it has come a long way.

The cell has taken up several tasks based on the information it gathered or received from various sources. Now, after only a few weeks, it has increased its outreach helping over large number stranded migrant workers. It is a part of a very widespread network with persons involved in working for similar causes around the nation. As of now, various tasks have been successfully accomplished under the cell’s supervision.

Notable Achievement

The Legal aid cell consists of 13 members namely Anuj Agarwal, Payal Golimar, Naman Bansal, Somya Gupta Saurabh Singh Avni Jajot Bhushan Yadav Aditi Pandey Avdhesh Parashar, Tejal Deora Yusra Fatima and Anjali Chauhan and leads by 3rd-year student Bramhansh Bharadwaj left no stone unturned to help migrants in disguise reach their home safe and sound. Till now the cell has been successful with helping more than 300 migrants.

The cell got the information about Mr.Narayan along with 30 people (around 8 families) who were stuck in Shajapur near Aurangabad with absolutely no essential supplies including food. The members of the cell immediately took that into consideration and provided them with dry ration through one of the volunteers, Mr Gaffar Shah and the issue was resolved immediately. In another instance, the cell helped 20 people stuck in Aurangabad move to their native place in Madhya Pradesh.

The Legal aid cell welcomes any person with information regarding the stranded people in any part of the country. The cell puts in its best effort to resolve the issue and help them reach their destination.

The cell is in contact with various governmental and Non-governmental organisations and with National Law Universities and other colleges in India and would especially like to thank Migrant Support network, Mr Ramesh Shrivastav and Ms Rukmani for providing helping hand in time of need.

Contact Details

For more information and any further enquiry please contact legalaidcell[at]

For the progress report, click here.


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