Roundtable on Patents & Intellectual Property Practices in Indian IT/ITeS Industry [March 22, Delhi]: Registration Open

Roundtable on Patents & Intellectual Property Practices in Indian IT/ITeS Industry


Tuesday, 22nd March, 2016


9:30 AM TO 5:30 PM


India International Centre, Seminar Hall 3


Modern Knowledge-Intensive Business Services, particularly computer and information services have led India’s integration into the global economy. An effective IP regime is critical to sustaining the growth and innovation in booming IT and e-commerce sectors and maximizing their contribution to the public interest at large.

The Centre for Policy Research is presently undertaking a project on Patents & Intellectual Property Practices In Modern Services Industries that has two parts.

One part aims to compile systematic evidence to inform the policy debates relating to patenting of software and business methods in India. Statistics from national patent offices, findings from structured interviews of different categories of firms and a historical review of the policy and guidelines on computer-related inventions together form the evidence base.

The second part of the project is to distill the experience in selected countries (e.g. Europe, Japan, South Korea, United Kingdom and United States of America) to extract lessons for India, particularly those relevant to SME’s and startups. Emerging policy issues and current controversies in more advanced countries, relating inter alia to Standard-Essential Patents (SEP), royalty stacking, and patent assertion entities (“trolls”) are specifically considered

A roundtable of industry, think tanks and government is being organized to deliberate upon, clarify and absorb the preliminary findings. The aim is to provide a continuing platform to engage policymakers and also help educate industry with the ultimate aim of revamping India’s IP regime to be most innovation-friendly.

Preliminary Programme

I) Patents & IP Practices in Indian IT/ITeS Sector: What Do We Know?

Patent Office Prespective: What do Statistics tell?

Findings from Survey/Structured Interviews

Evolution of Policy for Computer-Related Inventions

II) Current Policy Controversy in USA: Two different perspectives

III) Relevant Lessons of Experience from Other Countries

Patents for Software and Business Methods

Standard-Essential Patents including the Hold-Up Problem

Royalty Stacking: FRAND

Patent Assertion Entities (“Trolls”): Private, Public and Sovereign

Digital Content Markets

IV) Way Forward for India

Monitoring Innovation Performance in India: Data Needs

Making Sense from Data: Increased Resources for Analysis

Implications for Make in India and Smartphone Penetration, etc.

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