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Rostrum’s 10 Week Online Program: Law of Corporate-Financial Crimes; Coupon Code Lawctopus Gets 10% Off


Rostrum has launched a ten weeks online program on Law of Corporate and Financial Crimes. See HERE.

The program covers various important aspects of Corporate and Financial Crimes in 5 modules which will be delivered online.


This is to be noted that all the courses run by Rostrum are accredited by International Accreditation Organization.

It implies that the modules and the course contents delivered to the students are of high standards and are globally recognized.

Please visit: www.iao.org  for more information about our accreditation.

Course Methodology

The course will be delivered online on Rostrum’s student’s portal. Students will be provided with a login id and password to access the portal. The Student’s Portal consists of discussion forums and an online study center where the study materials can be accessed.

The modules will be uploaded on the website on an interval of few days which cannot be downloaded and viewed online. Study Materials for the course consists of Presentations, Videos and Notes.

The course is divided into 5 modules. After the Completion of ten weeks An Online Test will be conducted. A minimum of 50% marks is required to be obtained to pass the test.

On the successful completion of the course a certificate will be issued.

Course Duration: Ten (10) Weeks

Fees: Rs. 2500 (Apply the coupon code Lawctopus to get 10% off)

Course Pattern: Online

Hours of Study: 30 Hours (3 Hours Per Module)

Examination: Online (2 Hours, 100 Marks, Objective)


Course Consists of 5 Modules: Evolution of Corporations, Corporate Criminal Liability in U.K, Corporate Criminal Liability in U.S, Corporate Criminal Liability in India, Case Studies on Corporate Scams from U.K, U.S & India.

Course Commences on September 1st, 2013


Module 1

Evolution of Corporations- a legal fiction – kinds of corporations, Historical evolution of Corporate Criminal Liability, Theories on Corporate Liability- Vicarious Liability, Alter Ego Theory, Theory of Corporate Fault, Identification Doctrine, Theory of Aggregation, New Doctrines-Organization Theory, Due Process Model, Crime Control Model

Module II

Corporate Criminal Liability in U.K

Lennard’s Carrying Co Ltd v. Asiatic petroleum Co Ltd (1915), Identification Test in English Law-Tesco Supermarkets ltd v. Nattrass (1972)

Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2008-provides a form of organizational liability in relation to the offence of manslaughter-‘relevant duty of care’-exceptions under the statute

Module III

Corporate Criminal Liability in U.S

Liability under Federal Law- U.S v. Potter, Doctrine of Collective Knowledge-United States v Bank of New England (1987)

Occupational Safety and Health Act, 1970

Federal Sentencing Guidelines Manual-Chapter 8-Assesment of appropriate of fines &Corporate probation

Module IV

Corporate Criminal Liability in India

Legal liability of companies – civil and criminal

Issues in corporate liability-why criminal law-challenges in Indian law

A.K. Khosla v. T.S. Venkatesan (1992), Zee Tele films Ltd. v. Sahara India Co. Corp. Ltd (2001), Motorola Inc. v. UOI (2004)

Standard Chartered Bank v. Directorate of Enforcement (2005), Iridium India Telecom Ltd. v. Motorola Inc (2010)

Liability under Companies Act of 1956, Negotiable Instruments Act of 1862, Income Tax Act

Module V

Case Studies on Corporate Scams from U.K, U.S & India

Enron, Madoff investment scandal, Subprime Mortgage Crisis, Satyam scam, WorldCom

Register for the course HERE.

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