RMLNLU Alumnus Writes About Faculty Revenge Via ‘Less Marks’ + Deputy Registrar’s Threats

By Apurva Vishwanath

A bozo teaching in my university suspected me of leading a campaign against him for his removal and warned me ‘not to be a leader’ in class. (I was at home when my batch demanded he should no longer teach us and someone signed on my behalf on the petition.

Had I been on campus, I might have led the protest because any Clat aspirant would know more jurisprudence than him). He allotted me an extremely stupid project topic and went on to give me a 49 of 100 in the paper.

I needed one mark to pass. He suggestively remarked that I could have the one mark if I asked for it. I was too proud and gave the repeat exam instead. Thankfully, he was gone to some other university to wreck some more lives so I passed with decent grades.

Another lady, who is pursuing a PhD on ‘the role of women in the intersection of law, religion and society’ decided to evict me from the hostel without any notice two days after I finished my 5 year law course because I asked if she would take action against a matron who called my friend and me ‘characterless’.

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The Deputy Registrar called me to his office and warned that he will make sure I won’t graduate because I wrote to the VC about internet woes.

I stepped out his room in tears and had called my father at 1 am panicking that he might actually follow through with his vile threat (those who know me would understand how distraught I must have been to do that).

In a conversation that I’ll always cherish, my dad told me to buck up and deal with men like him instead of telling me to be careful and fear.

Thankfully, my parents and some friends were supportive. I’ve graduated and now tell these stories in a lighter vein.  Many like Sushant of Amity IP will not and we cannot allow college administrators to get away. Share your stories and let them be heard. #CollegeDictators

Apurva is an almunus of RMLNLU, Lucknow and is presently working as a journalist in Delhi.

Please email your stories/write-up at tanuj.kalia@lawctopus.com. If you want to remain anonymous please mention that somewhere in your email. #JusticeForSushant

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