The Rising Need for the Global Lawyer – The GGU LLM Advantage


The globalization of economies, increasing number of cross-border trade and transactions, a spur in the investment ecosystem around the world, and the unprecedented growth in the business sector in the last few decades have made the role of a corporate/business lawyer more pronounced and important. 

In today’s world, one of the standout concentrations in the legal realm is Financial and Business Laws. Upskilling and staying updated with the latest laws and regulations has always been non-negotiable for a lawyer.

In this light, a master’s in Business Law can increase a lawyer’s awareness of the links between business and the other fields of law. For a non-lawyer, an awareness of the guiding legal principles and regulations gives an edge in the career, by touching upon all aspects of contracts, transactions, trade regulations, competition, finance, intellectual property, and the list keeps expanding. 

The Golden Gate LLM in International Business and Finance Law (or, the GGU LLM), powered by upGrad, has been tailored to provide professionals with an international and comparative perspective on International Business Laws. It aims to encourage lawyers to expand their business knowledge.

On the other hand, it also encourages business professionals to recognize and hedge critical gaps in their legal knowledge. The USP of the program is to put both the groups together, enhance learning and make it more varied. 

The curriculum is structured to incorporate international legal principles, multilateral international rules and regulations, drawing heavily from case laws, current international practices, dispute resolution mechanisms and explores the comparative legal literature across geographies. The emphasis is to delve into emerging laws, such as technology and piracy laws, cybersecurity, trade laws that affect all jurisdictions, and international investment laws owing to the flow of capital across global borders. 

While jurisdiction-specific legal studies at the undergraduate level are sufficient to become a lawyer; to become a holistic professional with sound knowledge of the law, especially in non-advocacy related professions, it is becoming increasingly important to transcend to studying global legal literature and the international landscape as our economies are becoming more borderless.

An international crisis, such as the Ukraine-Russia war made ripples across the global economy. The venture capital space, which continues to be a sunrise sector in India has long reigned the silicon valley and there are lessons to be learned. Moreover, there are new-age laws circumscribing new-age technologies, changing business environments, and evolving problems, many of which did not exist a decade ago. Hence, upskilling and updating, especially in a dynamic field like law is paramount. 

This international online LLM ensures that you are at the top of your game. The degree is equivalent to that of an offline degree, earned from one of the oldest and most reputed law schools in the United States.

You are the best judge to decide whether it is time to hit the classrooms and textbooks again, albeit virtually and without leaving the comfort of your current job, at a fraction of the cost owing to the liberal scholarships.

Alas, with the changing scenarios, education has also evolved to offer you the best of both worlds. Maybe it is time to give a more international flavour to your legal education. 

Enroll today for the GGU LLM as the first 5000 students get a scholarship of 70%. Batch filling fast!


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