AGAHI’17: RGNUL’S Parliamentary Debate, Prizes Worth Rs. 62,000 [Patiala, Oct 6-8]: Register by Aug 31

The Rajiv Gandhi National Law University, Patiala is organizing its 7th Edition of Agahi- Parliamentary Debate Competition from October 6 to 8, 2017. It will follow the ‘3-on-3’ Asian parliamentary style of debating governed by the following rules, regulations, and guidelines.


  • Each debating match will consist of two teams; one to propose the motion and one to oppose it. The team proposing may be known as ‘The Proposition’,‘The Affirmative’ or ‘The Government’. The team opposing may be known as ‘The Opposition’ or ‘The Negative’. Teams will be designated as the Proposition or the Opposition for each round of the competition.
  • Each debate shall be adjudicated upon by a panel comprising of an odd number of adjudicators. One of these shall be designated as Chairperson. In situations as per the discretion of the adjudication core (only in rounds before the ‘Break’), a debate may be adjudicated by a single experienced adjudicator.
  • Each debate shall be timed by a timekeeper. In the absence of a timekeeper, a member of the adjudication panel will time the speeches.


  • The motions for each round will reflect a specific and well-known theme, and each round of the competition will comprise of three choices of motions.
  • On release of the motions, both teams will rank the motions on the basis of their preferences. The third option of both teams is immediately dropped. If there remains a clear favorite, that motion is directly selected.
  • In case of an undecided tie between the two remaining motions, the motion for that round and match-up will be decided on the basis of toss of coin. It is the responsibility of the timekeeper to oversee the choice and selection of the motion.


  • Match-ups and venues will be announced before motions are revealed.
  • Once the motions are released, teams must immediately rank their motions, select the motion in the presence of the runner and/or the adjudicators of that round and proceed to their venues, where the motion is to be decided upon. From the time of release of the motions, teams have 30 minutes’ preparation time until the commencement of the debate in that round.
  • Printed and prepared materials may be used during the preparation period. No access to electronic media or electronic storage or retrieval devices is permitted after motions have been released. This includes but is not limited to, all kinds of computers, electronic data banks, cellular phones, etc. Printed and prepared materials may be accessed during a debate, but may not be used by a speaker holding the floor.
  • Teams must prepare on their own. Once motions have been released, there must be no contact between debaters in a particular team and coaches, trainers,friends, observers or any other individual for the purposes of assistance in
    the context of the debate. Such contact and assistance is deemed as ‘cheating’ and will be punished strictly.


Manner refers to the delivery and presentation style of the speakers.

The following are to be considered:
1. Vocal Style: Volume, clarity, pronunciation, pace, intonation, fluency, confidence, and authority.
2. Language: Conversational.
3. Use of notes: Should not distract, should not be read.
4. Eye Contact: With audience.
5. Gesture: Natural, appropriate.
6. Stance
7. Dress: (only an issue if really inappropriate to the place or occasion).
8. Sincerity: Believability
9. Personal Attacks
10. Humour: Effectiveness of and appropriateness.


  • Best Team:  ₹21000
  • Second Best Team: ₹12000
  • Best Adjudicator: ₹7000
  • And other prizes worth ₹22000 at stake too

Registration Fee

  • Independent Adjudicator : ₹1000/-
  • Team (with Adjudicator) : ₹3600/-

Contact Details

Dr.Tanya Mander ([email protected]), Ms. Kanika Jamwal (8872264897)      

For more information on the competition, click here.


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