Reviews Have Started Coming in For Lawctopus Law School Book Club!

LLS Book Club

Hi Everyone,

This is an unfiltered, unadulterated review we got for the Lawctopus Law School Book Club. (We promise we didn’t coerce or cajole them to write this.)

Reading a book in today’s digital age might be one of the most challenging habits to form, but on the other hand, I think it is unarguable that reading a good book about something one is genuinely passionate about is really beneficial and satisfying, to say the least. This is exactly why I was really excited when I got to know that Lawctopus was starting an online book club. I had been planning to get back to reading books as I used to for the past several months now but for some reason or the other, I had failed to do so.

Thankfully, in the few weeks that I spent in the book club, not only did I get right back to it, I also realized how motivating it can be to be around people who are interested in the same topics as you are. Furthermore, doing something as a group, where one can share and discuss ideas and concepts from books and connect with other literature fanatics from around the country definitely added to the experience.

To make things even better, Lawctopus managed to get hold of Dr. Rohit De, who is the author of the book we are reading for this month for a private discussion session. Interacting with the author of a book is a really good way to expand one’s understanding of what the literature has to offer. Thus, anyone interested in law-related books should definitely give this book club a shot as it is now open to readers of all ages and levels. All in all, I think this is an amazing initiative and if anyone wants to get back to reading books or even start the habit of reading books, they should really consider this as a way forward because I really doubt the experience of reading a book can get any better than this!

(This writeup was sent to us by Varun Goswami).

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