Law School Experience at St. Joseph’s College of Law: Good Faculties and Nice Ambience


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St. Joseph’s College of Law







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Shanthala Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Near Residency Medical Centre & Lab, Bengaluru, Karnataka – 560025.

Good things about the University based on your personal experience

I initially had my doubts entering into a non-NLU which was only recently established.

But my worries reduced as I realized how supportive the faculty was, how my peers got me to strive to be my best self, the helpful nature of all the staff around and how they tried to make classes interactive even though it was online.

A lot of reading materials are prescribed which improves your reading and helps understand things better. The college is located in the middle of the city and hence all places are easily accessible.

They have quite a large number of committees and extracurriculars in college. It is aided with latest technological facilities which are bound to get better with the new building.

Bad things about the University based on your personal experience

As it is a new college established only in 2017 it has very few reviews. The building is still under construction and there is a lack of hostel facilities.

The library can include a bit more variety of books.

How’s the faculty?

The faculty at college is extremely approachable. They make sure that concepts are thoroughly understood and are willing to take up extra hours to ensure students are well-taught.

When it comes to doubt clearing we can either approach them via their WhatsApp numbers or through MS Teams.

Assignments that are given to the students often require the students to think innovatively and the faculty encourages each student to participate in paper presentations, seminars, extra-curricular activities etc.

There are class mentors assigned as well as specific faculty members for various clubs and societies who very often ensure great participation. Their qualifications can be found on the college website.

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How’s the infrastructure? Mention some of the things that exist.

There is a new college building under construction which will likely be completed by 2022.

The current building has a library that is fully automated, has a spacious reading hall and can accommodate one hundred users at any point in time.

The Library is well equipped with all the modern facilities (print and digital form).

The spacious, gallery-type lecture and seminar halls are equipped with the latest audio-visual facilities for an enhanced learning experience.

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How’s your hostel experience?

The college doesn’t provide hostel facilities to its students. But however, as it is in the middle of the city it is easy to find boarding be it hostels, PGs or apartments.

The college runs a canteen where nutritious food is provided.

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How are your peers?

My peers are very interactive and make college so much fun.

They’re the right amount of fun and work. It’s a challenging study environment as the students constantly work hard and try to excel which makes us as individuals push harder to do our best.

They are very helpful when it comes to group activities, are well-read and eloquent speakers. There is great teamwork even during various extracurricular competitions.

Our seniors and juniors are really friendly and approachable. The doubts we have regarding college life and various aspects related to it are often addressed by our seniors.

We participate in various events alongside them and it is so much fun.

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How are the placements in your college?

As it is a relatively new law school established only in 2017 placements aren’t a highlight yet. The first batch of 5 year integrated LLB course will only be passing out in 2022.

The first batch of 3 year LLB course graduated the previous year with a fairly good amount of students securing placements.

The college has a placement committee which the students can approach in issues regarding job placements and to help secure internships at various NGOs, Law firms etc.

Rate the placements out of 5


How are the co-curriculars in your college?

There exists both law and non-law committees in college:

Law committees include:

1. The Corporate law committee

2. Research committee

3. Constitution club

4. Moot court society5. Debate committee

6. Law and development committee

7. Law and economics

Various Non-Law committees include:

1. Cultural committee

2. Literary club

3. Computer literacy club


5. MUN

6. Progressive Study circle

7. Commerce and ED cell

8. Film and documentary club

9. Sports club

10. Environment club

They conduct various moot court competitions, drafting competitions, essay writing and have various fests like the Manthan, Felix Hora, ethnic day celebrations and sports day activities and many more.

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College Library

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What are some of the things you’d advise to a 1st year aspirant who enters your college?

As it is a relatively new college do not expect the lavish activities seen in colleges that have been long established.

Try and participate in as many Moot courts and various other competitions offered in college. Reach out to seniors in need of any help as they are very approachable and friendly.

Engage in class and be ready to take up leadership positions.

Examinations are conducted by the KSLU board and the college wouldn’t have much say in it except for 20 mark internals which can be obtained via presentations, assignments, continuous evaluation and internal assessment.

Be confident and interact with your peers and teachers you’re sorted!

Disclaimer: Law School Experiences are opinions shared by individual law students and tend to be personal and subjective in nature. The law school experiences shared on Lawctopus are NOT Lawctopus' official views on the law school. We also do not edit law school experiences (except to ensure readability) to ensure that the author's voice remains intact.


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