RESULTS of the Lawctopus Summer Internship Writing Competition ! OUT !

Finally! Yes, here they are.
The 12 of the finest, the most detailed and useful internship experiences that came as entries for the Lawctopus Summer Internship Experipence Writing Competition.
A sincere, big thank you to all the people who participated.
Results, of course, are subjective and not always correct.
In case you have to blame, blame Neeati Narayan, the assistant editor at Lawctopus.
And once you are done with the blaming, thank her for going through all the internship experiences meticulously before arriving at this list.
Note: We’ve decided to give Rs. 4000 (each) to the 12 best entries. This is because there were a large number of entries received for the ‘law firms’ category vis-a-vis others.
Here are the results! Enjoy the brilliant writing, the useful details and generally, accumulation of good karma.
1. Internship @ JSA, Link.
The internee gave elaborate details for application procedure compiled with personal tips to engage the HR’s attention. The details in the experience are really useful and he has stressed a lot on the main tasks which give us a good idea about what’s really happening there.
2. Internship @ Chambers of PP Rao. By Apurva Joshi of NLU Jodhpur. Link
The internship is full of intricate details related to work culture, work type and ethics. The research work and interactions have been nicely depicted as a part of the experience and the internee has stressed a lot on work environment and people which I seldom see.
3. Internship @ CLPR Bangalore, Link. By Sohini Chatterjee, NUJS.
The internship was unpaid but right from the start, the contributor has applied a lot of thought and detail into what she had to write. She has also delved into the bus routes and accommodation. Main Tasks have been nicely focused upon.
4. Internship @ CSE, New Delhi. Link
A good NGO based internship which delved into the perspective of a 2nd year student at law school- people can relate to it. The details are really clear WRT Main tasks, Good things and Accommodation.
5. Internship @ Vaish Associates, Mumbai. Kanwardeep Singh of ILS Law College. Link
Great help for accommodation at Seva Niketan. He is extremely elaborate about work environment, main tasks and the incidental factors about internship.
6. Internship @ S & R Associates, Delhi. Link.
This is one beautifully written internship experience which deserves a special mention in this list. Starting from Duration/Timings until the last factor, the contributor has given a ‘big time’ thought to the detail and the writing structure.
7. Internship @ MMB Legal, Bangalore by Suprotik Das of Jindal Global Law School. Link.
Another very well written internship experience which focused on details and structure. The best things has been written down ina point-by-point manner which makes for comprehensive reading.
8. Internship @ Trilegal, Mumbai. Dhruv Banerji of School of Law Christ University. Link.
A wonderful internship experience and personally a brilliant read for me. The details with respect to work portfolio and environment is extremely helpful. Also helpful details in the Accommodation column.
9. Internship @ LegalExcel Law Firm by Yash Vijayvargiya, NUJS. Link.
The name is not a huge one but it seems to be a fit internship for students from first or second year. The humorous and detailed take on the internship experience is what sets this write up apart. The details are carefully made a part of the submission and the sub-classifications within main headings make for an easy read.
10. Internship @ Akosha, Delhi by Vasudha Misra. Link.
Vasudha is a talented writer as she has proven on previous occasions. The internship experience is very well detailed and is helpful for law students from any year. She has concentrated on professional factors but has, at the same time, covered the ‘personal’ stuff.
11. Internship @ SBI Corporate Accounts Group, Kolkata by Abhipsita Kundu. Link.
A wonderful internship in the baking-corporate account sector. It is a different sort of internship and nicely written WRT work portfolio, tasks allotted etc. The clarity makes it a good read.
12. Internship @ Singh and Singh Advocates By Garima Bhardwaj, Amity Law School Delhi. Link.
A fabulous IPR internship. The detailing is strong with this one.
NOTE: We’ll be contacting all the winners over this week and give away the Rs. 4000 cash prize to each one of you!


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  1. I sincerely believed these internships were some of the best detailed ones I have come across.

    Kudos to all winners who could capture the essence, brilliance and sustenance of their respective internships and for helping everyone else in the legal community.

    To others who did not make it to the list, I sincerely would thank you for nonetheless sharing some amazing experiences with us as these will help your counterparts in the long run. And they can’t trust you enough.

    Thank you 🙂

    1. Hello,
      I’ve not been contacted since the announcement. When can I expect to be contacted/get money?