RESULTS: Nirma University’s 1st ADR National Research Paper Writing Competition 2014

Winner from 1st topic: Challenges for Bilateral Investment Treaties and issues related to investment arbitration

1st Prize winner: Tania Singla [NLU, Delhi]
2nd Prize winner : Ashiya Bhagirath [Christ University, Bangalore]
3rd Prize winner : Rishab Gupta [NLU, Orissa]

Winner from 2nd topic: Judicial Intervention in Arbitral process: Analysis post BALCO v Kaiser Aluminium judgement

1st Prize Winner : Gaurav Mohanty [Symbiosis Law School, Pune]
2nd Prize Winner : Hardik Singh [NLU, Delhi]
3rd Prize Winner : Pooja Thomas [Amity Law School, Noida]

Winner from 3rd topic: Enforcement and Recognition of International Arbitral Awards in India: Issues and Challenges

From this topic, none of the paper qualified for 1st and 2nd prize. However, two papers are given 3rd prizes:

(i) Nikita Hora and Pulkit Mogra [Jindal Global Law School, Sonipat]
(ii) Abhinav Mathur and Divyakant Rathore [ILNU, Ahmedabad]

Winner from 4th topic: International Arbitration Tribunals in India: Future Opportunities and Challenges

No paper was received on this topic.


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