A Student’s Response to our CV of Failures Post


A few days ago, we had published a post on ‘CV of Failures’, with the idea that people should be more forthcoming about their failures as they are with their successes. We received a response from a student, who wanted to share their experience. We are publishing it below.

“Dear Sir/ Ma’am,

Happy afternoon!

I read the blog titled “A CV of Failures” on Lawctopus and I wish to talk about the same. My law life has just begun and the epic of failures is just in its initial stage. As such there are not a lot of things to share- just an ample amount of rejected internship applications and a lot of fear of missing out (FOMO), because apparently everyone I know is doing something great. Now I really don’t know if what they are doing is actually great, but for some reason, everyone’s life seems sorted. Although I know that nobody, except the person themselves, knows the reality within.

Speaking about the rejected internships, I applied to around 15-20 second and third-tier firms for the winter internship. None of those gave me a positive response. Some ran out of vacancies, while the others outrightly rejected the application. Ever since then I have been wondering what do they require on a second-year student’s CV?

There was not all rejection thankfully. Some of those who accepted the application provided profiles that would not please even the most desperate of the interns, let alone me. I have a fixed motto, I don’t want to intern just for the sake of it. I find absolutely no point in doing a job which neither teaches you anything, nor is worth putting on the CV.

But this FOMO right now is killing me from within. I see people doing internships which I very well know I don’t want to take up, but then I feel that maybe I am losing out on stuff.

All I see around are a lot of failed attempts and no success.

That’s all I wished to share.”

Note: The sender wanted to be anonymous so that is why we have removed references to the name.

We need to bring out more such stories so that people who feel apprehensive have an outlet to talk and relate to. If you are somebody who could openly share your failures in public, please do so. If you want to do so under anonymity, that also works. You could make a CV (with your failures) and send it to us, or write about experiences from your life. Please get in touch at umang.poddar@lawctopus.com.

If you wish to write for us, or have a story to share, please get in touch at umang.poddar@lawctopus.com.


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  1. I can totally relate with this article because this is the same FOMO i’m going through after completing my LL.M also


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