Internship Experience @ Respect Women [Online Internship]: Platform to Express My Views

Internship Experience @ Respect Women (Online Internship), respectwomen online internship

Vrinda Chauhan

Venturing into the Respect Women

Respect Women  is a blog featuring women centric issues.

Period of internship: 10th July to 10th October,  2015 (3 months)

Place: Online

Task:  blog/article writing (400-600 words)

Stipend: None

Reward: Publication + Certificate

Application procedure: log on to the website on the home page click on: ‘intern with us’ and send the application as required.

Penning down the articles for the respect women website was all that one intern is supposed to do.

In return he/she gets the article published on the blog and also gets featured on Facebook page and Twitter page of respect women.

Blogs, blogs round the web,

writing is just fab

Respect is to Women

Its better said than done!

“Its only words and words are all I have to take your heart away…” Indeed if you feel strongly about the women and issues related to her, the position of women in today’s scenario, her conditions, problems, etc, then do address and pen down these issues and respect women serves a fine platform for that.

Some of my articles which got featured I would like to share here. The links are as –

  • Article titled: MY HIJAB MY CHOICE. Click HERE.
  • Article titled: SPUR OF CHANGE IN SAUDI ARABIA. Click HERE.
  • Article titled: TENDER AGE TRAUMATIZED. Click HERE.

But the only loophole I did find in this internship is that the women cannot be projected in a purely negative way even if one at a point or in a particular circumstance feels so.

Also I wrote one article about a true story in which a woman had stumbling blocks at the workplace and that workplace was run by the police administration.

That very article was not published. However it was specified that if the respect women team finds the article up to the mark then only they will publish it.

Nonetheless, my every article which I submitted was published except one. Forgetting not the benefits that I got were that my confidence of writing increased, my resume (c.v.) got enhanced.

Moreover I got a platform to express my views regarding women related issues which are read world wide.

On the whole. Online internship offers a good experience, good for enhancing writing skills and research skills.

But comes with a disadvantage of not getting any stipend also no atmosphere of teamwork and colleague interactions. But comes with a homely feeling!

 I Hope my experience benefited you and cleared a picture about an online internship programme.

“Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit, but Wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad.”

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