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CfP for a book: Research in Law and Economics, Volume 29: Submit by June

CfP for a book: Research in Law and Economics, Volume 29

About the editors:

The RLE was founded in 1976 and has published many influential and well-cited articles. Research in Law and Economics (RLE) publishes interdisciplinary research in the field of law and economics. Law and economics research has had an enormous impact on the laws of contracts, torts, property, crimes, corporations, and antitrust, as well as public regulation and fundamental rights.

The contact information of the Editorial Team:

1. Editor-in-Chief: Professor James Langenfeld, Adjunct Professor, Johns Hopkins University
E-mail: james.langenfeld[at]naviganteconomics.com.

2. Assistant Editor: Edwin Galeano
E-mail: edwin.galeano[at]navigant.com.

3. Publisher: Pete Baker
E-mail: pbaker[at]emeraldgroup.com.

Call for paper:

The editors of Research in Law and Economics (RLE) are seeking articles from scholars, attorneys, and economists that address the law and economics of artificial intelligence, new information technologies, and two-sided platform markets for inclusion in Volume 29, to be published late 2019. Shorter papers approaching 10,000 words are welcome, as are longer “law review” styled pieces.

Submissions should be emailed to the editors at james.langenfeld[at]ankura.com, frank.fagan[at]edhec.edu, and samuel.clark[at]ankura.com.

Deadline: Authors are encouraged to submit papers by June 2019.

For full details, click here.

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