Internship Experience @ Reliance Communication, Mumbai: Best exposure I could get

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Samridhi Poddar, Government Law College, Mumbai, 2nd Year

Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

I interned at Reliance Communications limited in the city of Mumbai.

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My team comprised of 8 members inclusive of me and one reporting senior

Application Process with contact details

I applied for it through an email sending them my CV and I was called for an interview, after which I was selected.

Duration of internship and timings

My exact duration of the internship was for two months.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

The first day impression was amazing but a little frightening at the same time because it was a huge building and it was my first time working at a corporate.

The first day formalities included me going to the HR to get myself registered for the ID card and for the desktop. My details were taken down and I was provided a computer.

The infrastructure was great just the way the corporates are. It was a 12 floor building equipped with amazing technology.

Main tasks

I was assigned to make a project report there since I was in the first year, second semester at that time and I didn’t have any legal background as our college curriculum introduces law subjects from the third year onwards.

So, I was asked to make a project report on the Telecom Industry and it’s advent in our country.

Towards the end, I gave a presentation in front of the entire team based on what I had gathered and learnt from it. And side by side, I used to go through legal notices sent to the company and trademark work that would be assigned to me whenever I would get bored.

Work environment and people

The work environment was absolutely ethical and professional. The people I worked with were one of the best that I have come across, absolutely opposite to what I had perceived corporate people to be.

They were extremely helpful and supporting and taught me a lot of things except helping me in the project.

Best things

The best things that I learnt from this internship were :

a) how are trademarks filed and how they are given to companies

b) how the entire telecommunication industry developed and came into existence and what took it to be where it is right now.

c) how exactly the consumer rights have become so important and of foremost priority nowadays.

d) how exactly team work has to be carried out and how it can actually have long fetched results

e) I got the actual feeling of working in a corporate and an understanding of how things are carried out with a realistic approach. It helped me get rid of my fear of working in a big organisation like that of Reliance

Bad things

Here were no such bad things except the fact that my office was extremely far away from my place of residing so everyday it took me 4 hours of travelling.

But in the end, it was absolutely worth it.


I wasn’t given any stipend as it is against the company polices.

Biggest Lessons

The biggest lessons that I learnt after this was included being independent, travelling for such far distances made me gain a lot of confidence in myself as to how to travel alone.

My communication skills improved, is fight about a certain sense of sophistication in me is what I feel.

I also started understanding a lot of things which I never did before.

In total, it was an extremely knowledgeable and enriching experience and one of the best exposure that I could’ve got for my first internship.


Mumbai being my city, I was residing at my own house.

Office Timings

My office timings were from 10 to 5 in the evening.

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