Internship Experience @ Rego & Rego Associates, Bangalore: Interesting Cases, Informative Debates and Humor


Femy Ann Johnson, 2nd Year B.A. LLB (Hons.), National University of Advanced Legal Studies, Kochi

Duration of Internship

November 25th to December 17th (2015)

Application Process

You can send an e-mail to the office address and then follow up by contacting Mr. Arjun Rego.

Getting A Selection

We first came to know of the Rego & Rego firm with the help of our friends who are residents in Bangalore. Then, we looked up the firm in and read reviews by other law students on LAWOCTOPUS.

From here we could easily learn that Rego and Rego was one of the leading law firms in Bangalore that could serve as both useful and productive.

So we sent in our CV and contacted the firm with regard to the internship program. The firm was very responsive to the calls and after a few days of the screening process, we were selected as their interns for a period of 3 weeks from November 25thto December 17th

Voyage to Bangalore

Our Semester exams got over on the 21st November leaving us two days to pack and start with our Internship. So we boarded the train on the 23rd to Bangalore from Cochin and reached the next day morning at 7.

Since we were new to Bangalore and unfamiliar with the place we were advised by Adv. Arjun Rego to only join work from the following day. So, we headed straight to the PG which was in Indiranagar.

The accommodation was rather homely as the owners were also, like us, Keralites. This made adapting to food a no-issue and communication easier. We even learnt about how we could travel to our workplace with their help.

On the very next day, we traveled to our workplace through Metro which made travelling so much easier.

Here, we got down at the Trinity Station and found our way to the office using Google GPS System.

Finding the firm in the big City

The Rego & Rego Associates is located at N509, 47/73, Manipal Center, Near- Syndicate Bank, Dickinson Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka.

Being located in the Manipal Center, it was easy to locate the office added to this was the number of shops located within itself such as stationaries and other cafes which made it even more pleasant to work in the Rego & Rego Associates.


On the very first day, we were introduced to the members of the associates, Adv. L.P.E. Rego,  Adv.  Arjun Rego, Adv. Kokila and their assistants. Besides them, we were also introduced to a  NLU- Jodhpur student who was also interning at the firm. We were also accompanied later by two other law students from The Shastra University.

After this, two of us were taken to the Civil Court located in the Mayo Hall that day, and were asked to watch the court proceedings. As we did not have an idea on the case we were defending there wasn’t much we could grasp from there.

After the court proceedings got over we were shown around the building. Adv. Kokila was accompanying us and she gave us a lot of insight on subjects like: basic Court room manners, dress codes, gestures of respect etc. She also had casual conversations with us which made it easier for us to ask doubts and pose our questions before her.

The next day we were given a pair of keys to the office as there was no reporting time as such in the office and everyone had one case or the other to present before the court.

However, we reached office every day at around 9 am and left by 5 in the evening.  Every day except Sundays was a working day and Saturdays were optional.

Everyday by around afternoon, Mr L.P.E. Rego would come back and offer us an hour of immensely valuable information that no book could ever offer. He would speak of his experiences and give speeches on different topics every day.

Some of the topics he spoke on were about a lawyer’s life, the dedication he needs in his job, moral values and ethics one must possess, the discipline he requires in his life etc.

The next day, we were given separate book to read and the book given to me was the Karnataka Gazette. It contained the history of Karnataka in detail and everything including how it was founded and how it evolved etc.

After reading the gazette, I had a one to one discussion on the book with Mr. L.P.E Rego.

On the upcoming few days, we were given different set of books to read as usual. He had, in his speech before, mentioned the importance of standing firm in what you believe.

I was given an article written on Tipu Sultan and was asked to share my views regarding it. He was delighted that we both had the same insight on the matter and offered me to help him if I had any further insights.

On the following day he spoke to us about bonded labor and slavery in the world, the history involved and its present situation in India. A lot of other information was also passed on such as the beginning of the Negro race, a comparison of the three Holy books of Religion, its essence etc.

Then he taught us a very interesting topic ‘The Secrets of Nature’: which included subjects such as the one third two third rule etc. and then most importantly the Principles of Natural Justice which included: Rule against Bias, Right to be Heard, Reasoned Decisions, Notice to the other Party and Let he who hears pass judgment.

After this we were asked to visit the Freedom Park located at Ramachandra Road, Gandhi Nagar, Bengaluru in order to see the preserved remains of the old central jail used by the Britishers. He asked us to take photos of the same to attach with the internship diary we had to submit in college.

The next day, Adv. Arjun Rego asked us to draft a demo letter of complaint to the Police on a given a hypothetical situation. After seeing our work, he offered us his encouragement and support and also gave us advice on how to improve on these skills further

Then again on the next day, we were asked to draft a legal notice on another hypothetical situation wherein we improved our work based on the insight he had provided us with on the previous day.

On the following day, we were asked to read the judgment of Raj Narain v Smt Indira Nehru Gandhi, written by Judge K.N. Srinivastava J. Here, Mr. Rego Sir gave us a brief introduction on the facts of the case.

Section 123, 124, 125 and 126 of the Indian Evidence Act was discussed and read about in detail in regard to the decision. Other cases that were of importance to this judgment was also briefly looked into.

Next day, I was given a book on the Possession and Succession Act and was asked to read about the concept of Possession in India and the History of Possession.

Mr. Rego Sir was a firm believer of the fact that History is important to anyone or anything related to law as that is the only way we can learn from our flaws.

On the upcoming day, he gave us a speech on the importance of General Knowledge in the life of a lawyer. He posed to us questions on various subjects including Chemistry and Biology and gave us instances for why it is important for a lawyer to remain up-to-date on all the subjects.

We were then asked to read and write an extract on ‘The Boston Tea Party’ which is given in the internship Diary.

The following day Arjun sir proposed that we hold a moot competition within ourselves and we agreed to it. Accordingly he gave us a hypothetical situation and asked us to prepare defenses for the same.

Later that day I read a part of the Medical Jurisprudence book which contained a variety of subjects among which a few were how to identify a person with the help of their hair color scars, handwritings, speech, habits, amount of illumination required for identification etc.

Then on the following few days we visited the High Court where we watched court proceedings of various cases. During these days Rego sir would take us around the High Court to show us around the High Court Library and the High Court Museum during the lunch breaks.

He even took patience and explained in detail the history and significance of all of the displayed items in the museum.

On the last day, We bid farewells and received the certificates for completion of our internships


The internship was in overall a very overwhelming experience packed with interesting cases, informative debates and humor. Their dedication to teach is what helped us achieve such a good experience at their firm.

The variety of knowledge that I received from the Rego Associates is vast and undoubtedly something that no law book could ever offer. 

Lesson Learnt

As you may have noticed I’ve constantly used the word ‘we’ instead of ‘I’. That was one valuable lesson I learnt during the course of this internship.

Although it was immensely fun to be around with friends in the same office, there is a lot of distraction involved in the process. I learnt it the hard way that internships are often best experienced alone.

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