Read: NLUJ Law Review [Vol 2 Issue II]

The 2nd issue in Volume II of the NLU Jodhpur Law Review has been provided to us by Campus Manager, Yamini Rajora. The PDF is attached with the post.

Message from the Editor-in-Chief:

The issue will be a treat for students interested in international law since we have been extremely privileged to have Dr. Curtis Doebbler writing for us. In a timely piece on targeted killings, he walks us through the intricate relationship between targeted killings and international law.

In a similar vein, Aman, one of our alumni, argues that there exists a rule in international law, embodied in the principle of equity, allowing the home state of the shareholders to bring a claim against the host state in case of an injury to the corporation.

Dr. Souvik Chatterji cogently examines the issue of price fixing in India and analyses recent case law.

We have one author returning to us in this volume: Ajay Kr. Sharma, who brings us another instructive and in-depth analysis of India’s FDI regime, this time about ‘multi brand retail trading (MBRT),’ one of the most contentious contemporary policy issues.

Manali Sangoi delivers a thought provoking piece dealing with the topic of reservation, in the context of ‘strict scrutiny test’ and its narrow tailoring component, as espoused by the US Supreme Court, and its relevance in India.

Yashasvi Tripathi provides an informed look into the recent judicial intervention by the Supreme Court of India on the issues such as the right to vote, decriminalization of politics, and freedom of expression to voters.

Last but not the least, Anjali Rawat eloquently explains John Hart Ely’s theory of “Representation-Reinforcement” and analyses its significance for the theory of judicial review in a democratic setup.

Finally, and most importantly, I wish to thank our Editorial Board members for their hard work and dedication, contributing to the overall quality of the journal.

The whole issue is available online as a PDF HERE. I hope you enjoy our latest issue. Congratulations to the authors for their outstanding contributions.


Chinmay Deshmukh,


NLUJ Law Review​

You can download the 2nd Issue HERE.

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