Law School Review: Rayat College of Law, Ropar

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Rayat College of Law, Ropar

Faculty and Academics at Rayat College of Law

Now, when one think of faculty and academics, the Rayat College of Law, Ropar is offering two courses: B.Com. LL.B (Hons) and B.A. LL.B (Hons).

The College is affiliated to one of renowned universities of India: Panjab University.

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The College consist of 60 seats of B.Com. LL.B (Hons) and 120 seats of B.A. LL.B (Hons).

The faculty members are all good especially the law teachers who know how to handle one’s problem and provide a tentative or reasonable solution of it.

When it comes to academics it is average in College. One can feel lack of proper study environment.

There is no hard and fast rule regarding the attendance criteria which should be minimum 75% and student can bunk the classes but should remain in campus as campus security does not let you out till the last bell .

Students have to arrange books from Chandigarh only as there is no book store for Law books in Ropar.

Student Culture and Activities

The College provides different opportunities in respect of competitions being announced by different Universities an different Law Colleges.

But the pudh which every Law aspirant want to be in his/ her College is limited in this College.

There is Moot Court Committee which serves as heart of our College in respect of Moot Court competitions. They take screening for selecting students for Moot Court Competitions.

However students have to do personal efforts for preparing case.

The major drawback is that there is limited scope for these activities however being a campus of different Colleges there is series of competitions being organised by different Colleges which act as a major part of attraction for new law aspirants.


Ropar (Rupnagar) is a small city mainly on the outskirts of Chandigarh.

It is not so much developed as one Law aspirants dreamed of.

The whole campus is covered with Shivalik hills and temperature is normal.

The boys hostel is nearly 1 km away from the College, however girls hostel is nearer to college.

For girls every month College van goes to Chandigarh so that the girls can get their basic requirements.

Placements at Rayat College of Law

Being a student of 1st year I am not much concerned about the placements in this Law College.

However the campus invites different recruiters of different MNCs for management and engineering students.

But the law College gives opportunities to have visits to High Courts and District Courts in this Five year session.

Administration and Fees

As regards the administration, the campus have some strict rules which are to be followed:

Hostlers (boys) are not allowed to go outside after 8 pm and even the girls are not allowed to come out of hostel after the College timings.

Hostlers (boys) do not have complex procedure for going back to their homes but hostel girls are not that much lucky in this concern.

In hostel, day scholars are allowed only on assistance of his ID card. The entry is only on that basis.

The formal uniform is compulsory on Wednesdays and in case of default penalty is imposed.

These strict rules however make some one depressed but discipline is an important part of life.

In regards of fees, the annual fees for these 5 year integrated courses is Rs. 48,000 approximately excluding hostel charges.

The charges for hostel is Rs. 67,000 in which Rs. 2000 is deposited as security.

Good things

The best thing about the College is that seniors are very co-operative and friendly in nature.

One can not feel shy, bored in their company and often provides pleasures by giving advice and by sharing their experiences.

Bad things

The bad thing about campus is that the Infrastructure of buildings provided in campus are not satisfactory.

The boys hostel lacks some basic facilities which a student can expect from his campus.

Also, the food of hostel mess can be IMPROVED.

Other things about Rayat College of Law

I would suggest to explore as much as you can and be participative in activities of College that will make your College PROUD irrespect of some errors.

Tell us about the infrastructure of your college

The infrastructure of the law College is partially good but is not that much satisfactory.

Rayat College of Law, Ropar is part of Rayat Bahra Ropar Campus. The campus is situated on the outskirts of Ropar nearly 6 km from bus stand and 8-10 km from the main market of Ropar.

Being a campus of 300 acres it consist of a number of colleges of nursing, management etc affiliated to different Universities. As we enter the campus with the main gate the first building which get noticed in some one’s eyes is law College.

The College building is good having one central library, rooms with moderate furniture, staff room for teachers and also one moot court and one cloak room.

Being a private campus of different Colleges there is mix crowd of Law, Engineering and Management students.

There are shops of stationary materials they are pretty much expensive as regarding normal ones. For fast foods the campus have food court, creative foods which are reasonably good.

The College has wifi facility but it is for TEACHERS only that reflect some hinderence in some one’s mind.

Also if you plan for outing or watching a movie some standardised mall, one has to go to Mohali or Chandigarh nearly 40- 45 km away from Ropar.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a reader’s review. The opinions expressed are that of the person concerned and NOT of Lawctopus. Do send in your law school reviews by filling this form.

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