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Virtual Internship Experience at Ravi Gakhar’s Law Office, Chandigarh: Valuable Guidance with Insights in Criminal Matters

online conference on forensic science and criminal justice system by ils pune
LSAT - Discover Law
LSAT - Discover Law

Name, College & Year of Study 

Ishita Garg, Chandigarh university & 2nd year. 

Name of the Organization where you Interned

Ravi Gakhar Law office in Chandigarh

Duration of Internship 

The duration of the internship was of 1 month i.e. 1st June 2021 – 30th June 2021. 

How did you apply?

I did my internship when I was in my 2nd semester. I applied for the internship by mailing them my CV and showing interest in their opportunity. I was then asked to join the WhatsApp group and got the message for an interview at the same time.

The interview took place through a WhatsApp video call and the results were declared in the evening. In total, we were 10 students who were selected from 1st year. However, there wasn’t any stipend provided. 

About the work 

I did my internship in Ravi Gakhar Law Office. It was an online internship. The predominant practice of their office is in criminal matters, labour and service matters in various High Courts across the country including the Punjab and Haryana High Court. Their office is headquartered in Chandigarh. 

Main Tasks

The main task of the internship was to listen to sir carefully and to raise doubts wherever necessary.

We were not given any load of work. We had our session in the evening for 2 hours where we got to learn many real-life experiences, basic drafting, applying Legal and Logical thinking, Solved real-life petitions, learnt about various legal knowledge on topics like FIR and many more.

We also had some special sessions in the morning where we saw real court proceedings. We were given small tasks to complete. 

Lessons Learnt

Overall, the internship was very good and it helped me to boost my confidence. Also, the work environment was very friendly and encouraging. Everybody motivates one another and we have full liberty to agree and disagree on various points and to voice our opinions without feeling any hesitation.

The co-interns were really very supportive and helpful. 

The guidance provided by the Mentor proved to be really helpful in solving the slightest of the problems. 

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