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Internship Experience @ Ram Jethmalani

By: Neeati | March 26, 2014

ram_jethmalani_1352204934_1352204939_540x540Name of the lawyer. City

Mr. Ram Jethmalani, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court, New Delhi. Address : 2, Akbar Road, New Delhi – 110011

Duration of the internship . No. of days/week. Timings 

2nd January to 31st January 2014 ,  4 Weeks .

Office timings are pretty flexible, I generally stayed from 10 to 6. In case Sir have conference late in the evening you need to wait till 8pm.

How big was the office? Team strength?

He has Ministerial Bungalows which is use as home cum office. There is one separate big chamber for interns with one of the best book collections a intern can get.  There is a big lawn, till afternoon most of the conferences are held in Lawn .

The home cum office is big enough to accommodate everyone easily; 1 senior madam, 2  juniors, 2 full time Junior, 3 support staff.

Application procedure. Internship contact details

I got this internship through a contact. The application procedure to get the elusive Ram Jethmalani internship is very difficult. You send in an email with your resume to the PA of Ram sir, Mr. Sanjay on [email protected] [Note: is there a ‘b’ in the email ID?].

You need to follow up every month. There is waiting period of one year!!

Accommodation: how, where, how was it?

I was staying with my Uncle who resides near Moti Nagar. Hence there was no problem with the accommodation.

First impression. First day, formalities etc.

It was hard to locate the office since I was interning for the first time in Delhi. On my first day of my internship I was very nervous and reached there by 10 a.m. I was introduced with each and every member of the office. My co-interns reached well before me they were reading the files of one matter which sir was suppose to argue in High court.

Mr. Ram Jethmalani handles the matters of both the SC & HC, therefore my first work was to arrange my monthly pass from the respective offices of the courts as no one is allowed inside the SC & HC of Delhi without the Passes. The passes will be made only when your advocate recommends you as his intern with him.

I had little bit interaction with Ram Jethmalani sir on the 1st day of my intern. 

Main tasks

Every Day before leaving the office you need to note the matters for which Ram Jethmalani sir is going. If the matter is listed early you can come directly to court. Sir has matters in all courts Trial court, High court and Supreme court.

I used to get research work of the matters which was going to be listed next day or after that. Every day a conference took place for the matter which has to argued next day. In that the discussion happens upon the arguments to be taken up and every intern has to attend all conferences scheduled on that day.

I usually use to write all the major points which were discussed in conferences with name, date and time of conference and also main points he used to argue with the case name. I was always so excited to listen to his arguments, he argues like lion roars in the jungle.

Many times Ram Jethmalani sir use to give dictation relating to cases.

Work environment, people

The work environment is the best and chilled out. As an intern are not forced for any work  other way round you have to ask for work. The juniors at the chambers of Mr. Ram Jethmalani are very friendly with the interns, all juniors are quite young and they gives you practical knowledge of the Litigation Practice.

As area where the office is located is a VIP area you will rarely find any Auto, Juniors use to drop us to nearby Metro Station.

Best things? 

There are many best things. May it be sitting next to Ram sir in conferences or having lunch with Ram sir.

Hearing Ram sir taking cross examination in trail court, hearing his arguments for the matters like 2G, Rajiv Gandhi Assassination, Sahara Vs SEBI  and many more.

One of the best things is the party which was at Ram sir’s Residence where many senior advocates, MPs, Judges, journalist like Arnab Goswami were in the guest list and interacting with all this dignitaries was a lifetime experience.

Bad things? 

Well there were no such bad things but one could say that Office is located at a prime location and it is very difficult to find a auto as well as restaurant nearby.

What did you do to chill? Co-interns, colleagues

Bengali Market, Khan Market and Connaught Place is nearby you may go over there. Big chill cafe is one of the best place to chill in Khan market. Apart from food there is Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum, at Safdarjung Road which is next to Sirs office.

Co-interns were good, friendly and helpful. When you are new to the city and working at a place where you rarely get any heavy work you do need a good co-intern.


Rs. 2000

Anything else you’d like to tell; Biggest lessons

Friendly Atmosphere.

Appreciation for work completed.

Opportunity to listen to top class arguments by the best lawyer of the county.

Interaction with Mr. Ram Jethmalani.

Biggest lessons

Success comes with lots of hard work and knowledge there is no short cut for success. Ram sir’s way of reading each case, question asked by him in conferences amused us. He goes to the crux of each case. I love the way he argues. At the age of 90 he is more active then anyone else in the office!

Law students nowadays wants a job in a good law firm but I think if one manages to get with litigation there is nothing better than this profession.


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