Internship Experience @ Rajasthan Human Rights Commission, Jaipur:Visited RSHRC, NGOs & Vidhan Sabha


Anshul Singhal


Rajasthan State Human Rights Commission, Jaipur.

We were around 50 people.

Application Process

I had applied by sending an email to the Commission.

Though I had sent the email in November, the reply came in May as they only have summer internships of four weeks.

Email: [email protected]


June 9th, 2014 to July 4th, 2014

First Day

On the first day, we had our inaugural session.

We were required to fill forms containing our information.

We were given a lecture by the Hon’ble Chairperson of RSHRC as well as several other high officials.

We were also given the schedule of the programme.

It happened to be an interactive session.

Main tasks

Usually, we were delivered lectures in the morning session and we were taken to field visits in the afternoon session.

High officials from various offices came to deliver us lectures.

We visited RSHRC, NGOs, Vidhan Sabha and what not.

I suggest everyone to intern at least once there in their lifetime.


I didn’t gather much about the work environment, because we were kept away from the Commission.

But the people came to meet us on a periodical basis.

They were not appearing as high officials but actually as Human Rights Activists.

Best things

The best thing was that the lectures were delivered in a very professional manner.

Also we were taken to various visits which a law student must visit to gain knowledge.

Bad things

We were not given case reports to study.

All of us wanted to study some of those reports.


No, there was no stipend.

Biggest Lessons

I guess the biggest lesson I learnt was patience and hard work and this is what anyone can actually learn out of an internship.

Anything else?

We were required to submit a research paper and were also required to present the same.

For the same, we were divided in groups.

Our group got the best presentation award also.

This way the person can acquire more knowledge.

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