Internship Experience @ Rajagiri outREACH, Thrissur: Gave me realizations about our society


Sherin C Abraham


Bharata Mata School Of Legal Studies (BSOLS), Choondy, Aluva, Kerala


2nd YEAR (B.A. Criminology) L.L.B (Hons.), Integrated 5 Year

Duration of the Internship

1st April 2015 – 14th April 2015

My Internships are great experiences that I never forget in my life. As a law student in BSOLS, affiliated to MG University Kerala, its mandatory for us to do internships 20 weeks in whole 5 year.

So I successfully completed my first internship under Rajagiri outREACH.

My internship days provided me lots of realizations about our society, humanity etc.

Rajagiri outREACH is an service society registered under Rajagiri College of Social Sciences, purely intended for empowerment of our society by providing its means.

During the entire period of my internship I visited many old – age Homes, Homes for mentally retarded people & also Homes of specially abled persons.

I realize their living conditions through my internship, also problems faced by them clearly lack of funds to them provided by respective governments, lack of medical care etc.

Then I got a great privilege for mingling with them that really make my thought about them.

Through my Internship experience under Rajagiri outREACH, I realized some facts :
  1. A simple smile instead of sympathetic look makes every common man including unsound happy. it is the most valuable gift we can provide to a every human who is pathetic.
  2. Nothing in this world are valuable than love, sharing, care & brotherhood. Actual practicing of these valuables help us to see everyone God blessed creatures.

So I am proud to share about my first internship that provides me a lot of thoughts & ideas. As a law student it’s our duty to join hands for empowering society and through that empowering nation.

We have lots of rules & laws, but in this dynamic global world introduction & implementation of effective modernized laws & rules are necessary.

At this time I really like to thank my internship guide Praveen Sir (Head of Thrissur District Rajagiri outreach Unit) for giving me these great opportunities.

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