Question Papers

Some of the question papers might not be in a ‘neat’ format. Still, we hope you find them useful.

In case you are a university authority and think that this is violating your copy-rights please read the below in quotes.


While it’s definitely going to be a useful knowledge repository, it will also be a mini-wiki-leaks of sorts.

Bad question papers (outdated, poorly framed, too easy etc.) will come to the attention of everyone. Slowly and steadily, the deans, the VCs and even the recruiters should take note!

It will be a small step (seems far-fetched, yes) towards improving legal education in our country.

If we can improve what’s being tested, we might be able to improve what’s being taught too.

If you are still not convinced, send an email to Tanuj Kalia at

We are pro-copyrights, pro-reform and anti-bad education.


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Economics-I– [RMLNLU]

English-I– [RMLNLU]

Foundations of Law [RMLNLU]

History-I– [RMLNLU]

Law of Torts– [RMLNLU]

Political Science-I– [RMLNLU]

Psychology– [RMLNLU]

Sociology-I– [RMLNLU]

Study of Basics of Case Law– [RMLNLU]