Pykih Data Visualisation: Amendments to Constitution of India: A LOVELY resources for constitution lovers

Pykih, a Mumbai based data visualisation company has created a wonderful resource on the Constitution of India.

To access the amazing intersection of technology, data, design and law, CLICK HERE.

Here’ what the description of the project here reads:

India’s Constitution is well and truly a living document.

Since 1951, we have amended the Constitution 100 times, gradually moulding it to a changing worldview.

Every day, new debates over how we should change it further rage. Study the amendments made to the Indian Constitution since 1950s.

A ‪#‎dataviz‬. built with Rukmini Shrinivasan of The Hindu using data she compiled from Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy and PRS Legislative Research.

Design Inspiration

The Constitution of India is the law of the land. It governs every aspect of our lives. It is similar to the Edicts of Ashoka.

The Edicts of Ashoka were inscribed in stone. We wanted to replicate that feel. After some searching we came across the Ishtar Gate inscriptions that was contructed in 575 BC by order of King Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylon.

We found the below image in Wikipedia and decided to use it as our design inspiration.


Hat-tip to Apurva Vishwanath.

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