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Panjab University Seminar on Implications of Science and Technology on Law and Society [Oct 27, Ludhiana]: Registration Open

By: UIL Panjab University Regional Centre Ludhiana | September 30, 2017

The University Institute of Laws, Panjab University Regional Centre, Ludhiana, Punjab, is pleased to announce a one-day National Seminar on ‘Implications of Science & Technology on Law & Society: The Emerging Trends’.


27th October, 2017.


This seminar is expected to come up with a set of recommendations that can be used as a reference for policy makers.

The policy document, in the form of book (with ISBN number), would be published documenting the suggestions and recommended measures to positively use and legally control science and technology in the context of individual and society.


  • Positive Role of Science & Technology on Law & Society
  1. Food
  2. Education
  3. Material comforts
  4. Health & Personal well-being
  5. Scientific Evidences
  • Negative Implications of Science & Technology on Law & Society
  1. Unbridled use of Natural Resources
  2. Development of Means & Methods of violence & warfare
  3. New methods of Torture
  4. Cyber Terrorism
  5. Dual use of Technology
  6. Methods of Rights Deprivation
  • Issues of Human Rights Ethics viz-a-viz Implication of Development of Science & Technology
  1. Sex Determination test
  2. Induced Abortion
  3. Reproductive Technology
  4. Cloning
  5. In-vitro Fertilization
  6. Surrogacy
  7. Organ Transplantation
  8. Euthanasia
  9. Experimentation on Human Beings
  10. Gene Therapy
  11. Cryonics
  12. Artificial Intelligence
  • Information Technology: Emerging Trends
  1. Internet & Information Technology
  2. Right to Communication
  3. Right to Entertainment
  4. Freedom of Press & its Implications
  5. Invasion of Privacy
  6. International Code of Conduct on Transfer of Technology
  7. Implications under Information Technology Act, 1926.
  • Environment: Implications of Science & Technology
  1. Right to Clean Environment
  2. Industrial Pollution
  3. Depletion of Natural Resources
  4. Waste Disposal
  5. Food Adulteration & Use of Pesticides, Insecticides etc.
  6. Water Pollution & Industrial Waste
  7. Genetically Modified Foods
  • Any other topic related to the theme of the seminar


  • Last Date for Submission of Registration form & Abstract: 23rd October 2017, 23:59 hours.
  • Last Date for Full Paper Submission: 24th October 2017, 23:59 hours.
  • Date for the seminar: 27th October 2017 (Schedule shall be communicated to those who register via email)
  • Last date to submit photographs and/or poster: 23rd October 2017, 4 pm



Registration form:

Registration Fee:

  • Students- Rs.500/-
  • Academicians, Professionals, and All Other Categories: Rs. 1000/-


  • The registration fee is to be deposited on the spot.


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