Internship Experience @ PUCL, Jaipur: Court visits, protest marches and a lot more {S}

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Mighty forts, ancient structures, beautiful sceneries, brave warriors, kings and emperors, this is how Rajasthan, particularly Jaipur is portrayed in travel guides. An internship with PUCL completely alters this view of the Pink City.

During the summer internship at PUCL, the capital of Rajasthan is all about scorching heat, soaring temperatures, and a lot of dust.

Public Union for Civil Liberties in a Non-Governmental Organization which focuses its efforts mainly on working against Human Rights violation. Their work involves everything from court visits, periodic inspections at police stations, government offices and night shelters, to visiting victims of various offences at places near and far from Jaipur.

A lot of protest marches against state government machinery is organized by intern itself.

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While working with PUCL, one gets acquainted with a lot of other organizations working in the field of upliftment and welfare of weaker sections of society. Public hearings and press conferences are a regular feature of working there. These are some lucrative opportunities to meet some eminent social activists and senior judicial figures.

The work environment in this Jayprakash Narayan’s Human Right organization falls in stark contrast to the sophisticated corporate culture. No such term as “FORMAL DRESSING” is entertained and a pair of decent casual’s amply does the trick.

The warmth of the co- interns and working environment makes the scorching dry heat somehow bearable. The trace of the tension that can make senses numb is when any indulgence in gross moral turpitude is caught. The only pre- requisite of successfully completing this internship is to carry all the senses in place and put your best foot forward in any case.

All in all PUCL is a great place to intern only if you feel responsible towards the society and if you are capable of bearing soaring temperatures and scorching heat!

WARNING: Over confidence and misbehaviour may prove fatal and can even result in termination of internship.


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