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Lawctopus and Academike (Lawctopus’ Law Journal) are organising a Pride Month special webinar with two of the most esteemed legal scholars and advocates Arvind Narrain and Mayur Suresh on June 30 from 7: 8:30 PM. Join us as we talk about what has changed since the decriminalisation of Section 377 and discuss the LGBTQIA+ communities’ rights.

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In 2018, the Navtej Singh Johar judgment decriminalised Section 377. The landmark judgment was lauded for recognising the legal system’s own fallacies. The 2018 judgment attempted to amend the prejudices and morality of the society, although, in its own words, ‘decriminalisation is the first step’.

While the judiciary has grown slightly progressive in its stand, other state organs continue to marginalise LGBTQIA+ persons. Is the state hesitant to accept the idea of visible and independent sexuality? Does this mean that the more sexuality is in hiding, the better it can be controlled?

Three years after the judgment, LGBTQIA+ persons continue to negotiate for their rights. Therefore, these questions are crucial.

How does this negotiation work? What has changed since the decriminalisation of the judgment? And why is the state still averse to the idea of recognising the LGBTQIA+ persons identity and rights?

Get to know more about the aftermath of judgment, the meaning of ‘queer’ and how the law interprets love and sexuality.

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Join us as we talk to Arvind Narrain and Dr Mayur Suresh on June 30, Wednesday at 7:00 PM on Zoom and YouTube.

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Our Speakers

Dr Mayur Suresh is a Lecturer in Law at the SOAS University of London. Dr Suresh did his doctorate from Birbeck, University of London and has practised as a lawyer in Delhi. Dr Suresh’s contributions in the academic space are well known, especially his work on anti-terror laws, legal text, sexuality and gender identity in South Asia. Dr Suresh was one of the lawyers involved in the initial challenges to section 377 before the Delhi High Court and Supreme Court.

Arvind Narrain is an advocate, activist, academic legal scholar and founding member of the Alternative Law Forum in Bangalore. Arvind has worked on several human rights issues and history and LGBTQIA+ persons’ rights. Arvind was part of the litigation team that argued Naz Foundation ahead of the Delhi High Court and challenged the Kaushal decision in the Supreme Court.

We look forward to having an intense conversation with you.

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Joining Details


Online | Zoom webinar, with appropriate safeguards in place

Date & Timings

30th June (Wednesday) 2021, 7 PM to 8:30 PM 


There is no fee to attend this session, just your time & sincere efforts would suffice


Yes, you will receive a certificate of participation (within a week from the date of the session), provided you stay the entire duration of the Session


Email ID sonali.chugh[at]

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